Grade Me Please

March 21, 2014

I have had this little blog for a while now and am needing some feedback from you, my readers.  Many bloggers leave me sweet comments after my posts which is reassuring but I know I have many readers out there who are not bloggers and have no interest in commenting, yet like to come by Mimosa Lane for a little daily inspiration.  I thought a quick survey would be a wonderful way for everyone to help me guide the content of the blog so it can be better and stronger.  And since it's anonymous you can really let me have it.  I won't ever know its you so you can really be open and honest.  What are the things you like, the ones you don't, what do you want to see more of, less off.  You get it.

It will really take less than five minutes.  Here is the link to the survey. I do appreciate you all.  I'm so thankful that you stop by this little corner of the Internet and read my little ramblings, and appreciate my photos and projects.  Thank you for reading and being my sounding board and for giving me a reason to keep doing this as I really love it.

Happy Weekending my sweet loves.  Ooohhh......I was almost forgetting....I'm off to Sam's wedding tonight in Austin with Elizabeth.  We are so excited! And of course you all know who else will be there....Lindsay!  Fun, fun!  Follow me on Instagram if you want in on the 'scoop'.  Kisses

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  1. I'll take your survey and very interested in the responses, so let us know! Have a wonderful time at Sam's wedding and give her a hug for me, please. Have a great weekend. xo Nancy

  2. That desk space is lovely! Have a great time at the wedding! Off to take your survey.

  3. We adore your blog and are always interested in the home and interior inspiration, but love that you mix it with fashion and your own life. We're big fans!!

  4. Ohhhhhh have so much fun tonight!!!!! I am so happy that you get to be there for Sam! I want to see some pictures!!!

  5. I would second designchic :) Love this blog. Love home decor & fashion but also love music. So if you're a music enthusiast, throw some of that in there sometimes!
    keep it up!

  6. I love your blog because it's simply you!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend, I'm sure you will all enjoy the wedding!

  7. Have a wonderful time this weekend. I'll take the survey.

  8. I always admire people who are open to feedback! And, enjoy the wedding!

    xo Lily


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