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September 15, 2014

Happy Monday sweet friends!  I was tagged by the lovely Elizabeth from The Little Black Door for the Blog Hop to answer some questions about my writing process.  Ever since I discovered Elizabeth's blog I have admired her style, her bold use of color and her pattern mixing (plus her writing is very entertaining).  I would say her style is traditional but with a touch of whimsy and she always, always creates a unique look. Here are a few more shots of her beautiful home.

I just love those reds and blues! So, on to the questions-

Why do you write?  I write this blog because I want to inspire- inspire others to maybe try a new recipe, or a fun DIY, or maybe entertain making a a bolder choice in their home design.  Also, I just love sharing ideas and finds with my readers.   We are all so busy with our work, family, our homes that  I find that my readers appreciate a little varied inspiration and some trend scouting.  I'm always glad to share a good scoop to keep my readers in the 'know'. I get really excited when some people find my posts useful.

What are you working on? Currently, I'm working on a few projects around the house.  Since we moved recently there seems to be a never ending list of to-dos and organization related projects.  Let's just say there are boxes that still need unpacking.  Also, I'm researching various life projects and of course my pillows keeps me busy.

How does your blog differ from others in your genre?  There are so many design and lifestyle blogs that inspire me. I think what makes mine different is that my tastes are varied.  I can be equally obsessed with an interior design idea as with the perfect fall outfit or the perfect winter soup.  Hopefully, this variety in topics keeps my readers interested and engaged.  And since I love photography and love visual presentation I hope the blog is a always a feast for the eyes and inspires other ideas and projects.

What is your writing process?  I write any post ideas down on a long list and then depending on the amount of time I have the evening prior and how much information and photos I have been able to collect I will chose a topic.  I also, try and keep a balance of topics- interior design, fashion and food keep my readers surprised and hopefully never, ever bored. Sometimes, I will have a million ideas of things to write about and other times I struggle but I always try and write about things that are novel and different.

Thank you Elizabeth for tagging me.  That was fun to write and I loved going through your home photos. It was hard to chose which ones to post!  And now I tag Katy from Designs by Katy and Sue from The Zhush.

[all images via The Little Black Door


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  1. The variety of topics you cover is one of my favorite things about your posts! It was fun to see photos of Elizabeth's house; the last one was new to me and it is GREAT! :)

  2. Love hearing about your process! I was tagged too need to get on it!

  3. such a great post albertina, i love your blog so it was great hearing about your process. and no, you definitely never, ever bore us!!!

  4. So interesting to read about what goes on behind the scenes at Mimosa Lane! It's the variety of topics which keeps bringing me back here.

  5. This is fun! Love getting to know more about you!

  6. I love seeing these posts around blogland…interesting to see the different processes…happy Monday!

  7. Fun to read about your thoughts. You definitely have your own unique voice.

  8. Thanks again for doing this my friend. I loved reading more about you and I love your voice! :)

  9. Albertina great post about your posts. I love to read about other bloggers and the process they go through to write! I love your blog!


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