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January 20, 2015

I'm really excited to introduce you to a new Etsy shop with original art called Le Petit Atelier de Nana. These paintings are beautiful, vibrant and dynamic. You will love the explosive color combinations and if you love finding new sources of original art for your home you must bookmark this shop.  I love these paintings, but you know what I love even more? The artist.  She is one of my dear, dear friends and her name is Stephanie Lessing.  Not only is she a talented artist, but just such a creative soul in general- aside from painting she also makes the most amazing jewelry and cooks the best dinners.  So, yes, she is a good friend to have. She was the one with whom I made these pearl rings and necklace

Stephanie was born in Paris, grew up on the French Riviera (yes, she is super chic!) and studied in Monaco at the Graduate School of Plastic Arts before entering Ringling College of Art & Design in Florida where she majored in Fine Arts and minored in Photography. She also studied Interior Design and Fashion  and now resides in Dallas, TX which is where I met her almost 7 years ago!  I really do hope you fall in love with these pieces as much as I have.
Here is more of her work-

Aren't they fabulous?  The first one in the post and this last one are my favorites. I just love that original art is more accessible nowadays. The internet has really opened up the doors for artists to showcase their work. And because of this our homes are all the brighter and happier.  I just love this quote by Pablo Picasso "The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls." I agree wholeheartedly.

I have one of Steph's works in my study, which I adore. I will Instagram it so you can all see it.  Check out her shop and make sure you bookmark it!

[all photos via Le Petit Atelier de Nana ]

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  1. The colors and textures, just unbelievable!

  2. I love supporting local and original artists and the sites like Etsy, etc. Thanks for passing this one- they are all spectacular! xo Nancy

  3. Thanks for the introduction! I'm a glutton for good, colorful abstracts. I'm especially loving the second from the bottom. So gorgeous!

  4. I'm a huge original art fanatic and I will definitely check her out! Beautiful work!!

  5. Love her paintings!! Thank you for introducing me!! I'm always on the hunt for new etsy shops

  6. All of those pieces are beautiful!! Just favorited that shop.


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