Best Brass Pulls (Part II)

February 10, 2015

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A while ago I blogged about killer cabinet and furniture hardware where I rounded up some really amazing pulls.  I have since expanded my collection to include these beauties.  I thought I would share them with you since I always appreciate hardware finds. It's nice to have a little checklist of go-to places that offer beautiful pieces.  Pulls can really make a cabinet or piece of furniture standout.  And they are usually an inexpensive way to update a piece.

Also, Anthropologie has a great selection of quirky and fun pulls.  You can see there collection here.

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  1. I just used the longer version of #4 for a gorg!

  2. Wow!! Definitely killer hardware!!

  3. I am crazy about Pulls and knobs lately. The starburst are amazing!!

  4. Agreed. Loving 4 & 5. Anthro is becoming one of my hardware go tos. So cute.

  5. That Star one is gorgeous!!!! I need to find a place for it STAT!


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