If I had a dining room like this....

April 17, 2015

If I had a dining room like this I would throw dinner parties left and right.  I would use these plates, these glasses, and this ice bucket.  A girl can dream, right?  But seriously, these more affordable options would do the trick for me as well- these plates, these glasses (they are just so good....the drama!), and this copper flatware.  It's so fun to see that there are amazing choices pretty much for anything at any given price point.  Do you love gathering people around your dinner table?

Some good links for you to peruse this weekend:

||  Thank you Vintage and Chic blog for highlighting my One Room Challenge Closet.  It has been making the rounds around the Internet...and let me warn you many are not giving credit where credit is due and I'm cracking down on it!

||  If you love acrylic frames...for your scarves or photos here is a great source.  Bookmark you never know when you will want it!

||  I really want curtains draping in my patio.  This article made me want them even more.

||  If you like artichokes you will like these recipes.

||  it is all about wearing bold black and white this Spring.

I hope you have wonderful plans this weekend.  Little Miss A. will be in a play as a koala. We are SO excited.

[photo via Kelly Wearstler]

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  1. The marble! The textures! The chairs! Love all of this.


  2. If only.....my DR was that big! Sadly I never use it and I agree when you have a great table and space people tend to linger and enjoy longer!

  3. love that dining room! and cheers to cracking the whip to make sure your work is credited.


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