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September 01, 2015

An essential for any home, in my opinion, is a blue and white ginger jar.  Or better yet a whole collection of them, because they look even more stunning as a group.  No matter how contemporary your home is these classic pieces always provide eye-catching beauty, especially if you use them as a vase and add some flowers to them.  And I know the best place to get them, The Pink Pagoda.  She has them in all shapes and sizes and for all different types of uses. You can even get a whole collection in this one-stop-shop. Let's get inspired-

Beautiful, right? Breathtaking actually.  Here is a small sampling of what is available over at The Pink Pagoda.

Wonderful.  Instant collection, like I said.  Jennifer now also has beautiful blue and white linens for your table with the chic monograms. I'm so thrilled about this because you all know I love a beautiful and special table setting.  And these linens are exactly that- beautiful and special.  I can envision the dinner parties!

If I had to pick between a new top and some new linens I will usually pick the linens! Did you know that Ginger Jars used to house spices and such in China years ago.  Then in the 1600s the Europeans could not get enough of these jars and started making their own pieces inspired by the East. And then in 1960s designers gave them a new life and made them popular again.  And now we all can't get enough of them.  I'm dying for a whole blue and white plate collection to put on my porch walls.

Snag some blue and white for yourself here.

[ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | all others are from The Pink Pagoda]

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  1. Thank you for the feature, Albertina! I'm with you -- definitely linens over a new top. I'm looking forward to catching up with you, soon!

  2. I've always loved ginger jars and I agree that they look gorgeous fillled with fresh flowers and even better in a group. You featured some lovely ones here from The Pink Pagoda.

  3. We are very like-minded my friend - I haven't bought a new top in months, but I may have purchased 3 new sets of linens in the past month. :)

  4. LOVE THEM! especially ginger jars with pink blooms :-)

  5. We love blue and white vases and are adding one to our new Spring 2016 collection - the bouquet will be traditional with a twist. And did you know we created the bouquet in image #3!! So excited to see it on your blog.
    C + C

  6. I am Obsessed with them!! I have a few and LOVE displaying flowers on them!
    These Linens are gorgeous!

  7. Amen to this! I have one on my breakfast table right now!


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