DIY || Decoupage Plates and a Me in a Video??

January 12, 2016

It's an exciting day!  I will share a fun DIY and you get to see me speaking in a video!!  Oh my!!  My hair is a mess but I'm hoping you all love me anyway.  And now that you will see me speaking does that mean we are taking this relationship to the next level? Kidding aside, you will love these DIY decoupaged plates (I adore mine!) and you will be intrigued by this video system I will introduce you to.  

Let me give you a bit of background.  My good friends started a company called iTOi where with the use of an ipad you can make your own videos with their app that has teleprompter capabilities (no more videos without eye contact! Finally!). You can basically write your own script and time it to your photos as I will do in this presentation.  I'm not super techie and thought iTOi  was very easy to use (and dare I say fun?!). This gadget is very versatile and has so many applications, even for bloggers.  Here is my video-

Well??!! What is the consensus?  Should I go hide under the bed?  and never show my face again?  I know you will all support me :). Ok, so back to the DIY.  Here is everything you will need:

All these photos are in the video....but here you can detail them better.....

The gold leafing is hard....but don't worry if the sheets crumble will still look good, I promise.

 The final product. What is better than flowers and insects in gold??!!

Styled around the house

I even made some with my 8 year old and she loved it.  It's so much fun to decoupage. I hope you are inspired to try it. And if you want to find out more about iTOi visit their website.

[All photos by AC] 

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  1. You're so beautiful! And so are the plates. :)

  2. So so good! Don't hide under any bed, my friend, we want more videos. I better go check out this technology seems so helpful for us bloggers. Thanks for the intro.

  3. Wow love it!! You look so pretty!! You need to do more definitely!
    I really like this new technology! Fun and I can be creative, maybe it will help to send my thank you videos instead of notes or to share my recipes!! Thank you for keep us on the loop!

  4. This is fabulous Ablertina! the plates are gorgeous & I'm excited about this new technology!

  5. These plates are absolutely adorable! This is a great project for kids and adults alike! It's so much fun to make something unique for yourself, and even better when you can make it with family or friends. Love the video also! I can't wait to see what you do with the new technology! Thank you for sharing this great DIY through photos and a video!

  6. You are a natural on the camera Albertina! Love the plates as well, have to check ItoI for sure! Thank you!

  7. Albi,you are a natural on camera. Love the plates! Looks like a fun project for when I retire later this year.

  8. These plates are beautiful! Love the paper you used along with the gold.

    Not sure what the problem is but I can't see the video. Any suggestions?

    Thanks so much for sharing!


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