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March 09, 2016

Have you ever been at a wedding with fabulous music but you had to sit it out because your feet were killing you??! I've been there. Heels are great until you can't bust another move on the dance floor.  As a solution to this dilemma and to help keep all those fun parties going all night long I'm excited to introduce to you this small start-up business called Event Slippers. They make flats, slippers and flipflops customized to you.  They even have shoe bags for your heels.  I thought these were the perfect party favors, plus they would help keep all guests happy in pampered feet.  Let me show you some of their cutest styles (oh and btw I took all photos except the last one)-

Customize your slippers to match your party's decor and with your initials or give them to guests in their welcome bags at the hotel!

A dancing guest is a happy guest.

These flip flops are perfect for the beach and more tropical weddings or events.  They can also customize them with company or college/sorority logos.

Flip flops are a welcome change to dancing in heels!

For a more romantic and formal wedding the flats are adorable and elegant (they have my favorite- gold!)

Your initials go in the inside- a discreet and chic touch. And I just love the heel bag so all the ladies can store their pretty shoes for the night).

Another great quality about Event Slippers is that everything is made in Mexico (not China) you know they are really good quality and made by happy people.  Another plus, this is a family-run company.  Lorenza, the mom entrepreneur behind the brand, is a fabulous lady I have enjoyed working with.  She is so helpful and will work with you to find the perfect shoe for you, your event and your guests.

Do you have a special celebration coming up?  (I wish I did!) Make sure to order your Event Slippers for a perfect party.

[all photos except the last by AC] 

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  1. I love this idea! We bought all the $1 Old Navy flip flops we could find and had them in a basket in the ladies room at our wedding. By the end of the night, they were all gone! :)


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