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January 25, 2017

I remember seeing Ivanka Trump's NYC apartment for the first time and really loving the bold, modern and elegant decor. It is only until now that I'm digging deeper into Ivanka's interior designer's portfolio, Kelly Behun, and it is sensational!  My only regret is that I didn't investigate Kelly Behun sooner because her work is really, really good, in my opinion (I mean, this blue lacquered library for starters!).  Kelly worked as part of Ian Schrager’s design team, working alongside Andree Putman and Philippe Starck on hotels across the US and then set-off to start her own firm.  She picks great patterns, colors and I love how shape plays such an important part in her work. These spaces are like works of art in themselves. Take a look-

The lady who owns this apartment has many grandchildren. I would be asking to visit grandma all the time in this beautiful apartment.  Don't be surprised if I keep sharing Kelly's portfolio over and over again.  I just can't stop looking at these rooms!  If you want to get ahead, visit the rest of her portfolio here. But be warned, you will be wanting very expensive art and furniture afterwards! xx

[all images via Kelly Behun]

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  1. It wow me from the first picture!! Totally what I want!! I want to have that Grandma pleassse!!


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