The Swans

February 12, 2014

Do you remember last week I posted a beautiful room by designer Jamie Herzlinger and I professed to you all my particular love for those swans on the table? Well,  I found out more and it turns out Jamie is selling them in her brand new showroom in the NY Design Center. You can get some for yourself here.  (but you must leave two for me, mmmkey?)  I have a perfect spot for them in my office where two swans would look exactly right.  I would love to hang out with them while I work. And here they are in the showroom- sitting pretty, pretty. 

Amazing table and chandy right? Other things in Jamie's showroom that I'm in love with?
Aside from my the swans? Easy peasy. That chandy above, of course

Loving this oversized rift oak table.  The lines are gorgeous and its available in custom sizes.

I do love my mirrored furniture (remember?).  Loving this chest.
and these fabulous horn bookends

Check out the rest of the items here, I promise you will be in heaven.  Her showroom represents Studio E wallpaper, fabulous antiques from Linda Horn, and the most amazing collection of antique lighting from Carlos de la Puente. But really, the part I was most excited about is that Jamie is introducing her custom furniture line, that is all handmade in America.  Jamie has such exquisite taste that each piece is better than the previous one (see all her pieces here) Ok. Back to the swans.

( le sigh) Happy Hump day my friends.

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  1. love love the swans good find - and I agree those chandeliers are amazing!

  2. I love how the swans are situated on the table as if the were all swimming in a circle! Can't wait to see how they look in your office!

  3. That mirrored chest is perfection! Just stunning! Let me know if you want me to swing by and pick up the swans :)

  4. I love it when you can find something you've spotted and actually be able to purchase it. :)

  5. Those bookends are incredible! Love.

  6. The swans really are lovely... but, that table! Holy mother...! I mean, who even dreams up something that awesome?

  7. Those swans are pretty perfect. I can think of a few places they would work!

  8. The swans are absolutely gorgeous! I hope you get them soon and share a picture of them in their new home in YOUR new home! Have a lovely day, Albertina! xoxo

  9. Love the swans! So elegant. I'd love them in a dining room.

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  10. Those swans are so lovely. The larger scale of them really works and elevates them from tschochki to full on centerpiece. In love.

  11. Thank you so incredibly much for this fantastic post! and most of all to all your amazing readers who left the nicest comments!
    I appreciate the love and support!
    jamie herzlinger

  12. Thank you for this amazing post! I love how you are in love with the swans! And thank you to all of your readers for the lovely comments!
    Have a great evening!
    Jamie Herzlinger


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