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July 16, 2014

You have not seen a hat like this!  I am smitten with these beautiful, colorful and fun hats by Yosuzi  founded by Yosuzi Sylvester.  Yosuzi means "Cactus Flower" in the Wayuunaiki dialect and with this brand she celebrates the artisinal weaving skills from her ancestral Wayuu Indian community in Venezuela.  These hats have soul that is for sure!  Let me show you more-

And now she has some wintery ones as well (see below). Each hat takes a Wayuu Indian Artisan man eight hours to weave by hand and is made from 100% Iraka Palm Straw.  Through this project Yosuzi give back to the Wayuu Indian community as they  partner with CEPIN, an independent non-profit organization, committed to feeding, clothing and teaching Wayuu Indian children in need.

Cool and good for the community.  Are you in love yet? Be the trendsetter and get yours here or here.

A few of my favorites-

[all images via Yosuzi

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  1. These are sooooo cute Albertina! Im checking out the site. Have a great week. xo Nancy

  2. What a beautiful hat and a great story about how they are crafted. These shades are perfect for summer :)

  3. These are so beautiful and unique and totally what I need right now since I'm crazy uber sun sensitive!!! Thanks for sharing and hope you're having an amazing time! I'm loving the IG pics and wish I was sharing a glass of bubbly with you at the top of the Eiffel Tower!

  4. adorable! hope you are having a nice time - keep instagramming!

  5. So pretty! I'm not brave enough to wear hats unless I'm at the beach

  6. These are simply stunning!! I have been dreaming about some new summer hats lately, may be time to stock up!

    x Lily


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