I Heart You

April 27, 2015

Sometimes finding the right words to express how much we love and appreciate someone special in our lives can be difficult. I love a great letter or card to share my feelings but sometimes words fail me and so this is why I loved these framed gilded heart paintings by my friend Steph ( you may remember her work from this post here)  from Le Petit Atelier de Nana. These small gilded heart framed paintings are precious and encompass so many beautiful emotions all in one. They are like a visual poem expressing all wonderful feelings of love and admiration. They are bright and colorful and beautifully framed. They are meant for that special person with a heart of gold indeed.

Aren't they sweet?  I can just envision three of these in a row over a little girl's headboard.  They are perfect as a gift to that special friend or family member, or even for yourself.  Order a custom one here.

[all photos by AC]

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