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September 15, 2015

I love fun surprises, and in a home a powder bathroom is the perfect place to have a little fun with your guests.  This is the powder bathroom near our kitchen and pool area.  I wanted to do something very simple and easy yet with high impact.  I fell in love with this color, Funky Yellow SW#6913.  And funky it is! My friend's mom, Ana Seyffert, who is an amazing interior designer  had this color or a very similar one in her previous home. It is smashing in person, bright and happy, yet elegant.  

I was waiting for the right artwork to hang in here. I wanted something with some blue and with water.  If you are a regular then you know I adore Minted and have been using them for my Christmas cards for years (and I mean years!). I was one of the few lucky ones to know it even existed back then.  It has been wonderful to see them grow and expand their offerings.  Last year I got some of their prints for the One Room Challenge (see here) and I was really happy with their design and scale.  And now, for the first time, I got a photograph from Minted's collection titled Seaside by Alexandra Nazari. I absolutely love it. And love having all the size options- from small to super large scale which is what is in vogue.

Minted's photography collection is pretty cool.  I'm also totally obsessing over this pineapple print.  Someone please get it! All these prints are from Minted's first photography-only competition hosted by the independent artist marketplace. "Through the Lens" was the 2nd largest challenge ever for Minted, with almost 5,000 submissions, 459 new pieces selected and 248 total artists represented. Now that is some tough competition.  Here are a few more shots of my bathroom-

You may remember I was a linking participant in the last One Room Challenge where I redid my little mudroom.  So, this is the bathroom off of this space.

These were taken from the reflection in the mirror (that is why they seem to be in reverse).  It is so hard to properly photograph a small bathroom!

The piece really pops in this wall doesn't it? 

I love how inexpensive pool towels look so fabulous with some original and modern monogramming.  I hope you liked my little bathroom!  You can copy me and get that beautiful Seaside print here or you can see the other beautiful photographs they have here.

[all photos by AC. Seaside Print c/o Minted]

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  1. That is the perfect work of art for your bath!! Love it!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Featuring India Hicks!

  2. Love your bathroom and your artwork is the perfect finishing touch! Happy Wednesday!

  3. Love the color of your Bathroom and the Seaside Print. They complement each other so well!


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