Coffee Table Book || Positively Chic Interiors by Carrier and Company

October 19, 2015

I have another beautiful coffee table book you need to know about, Carrier and Company- Positively Chic Interiors by Vendome Press.  All the interiors photographed are stunning. I have been happily pouring over this book all weekend. The rooms are timeless yet contemporary.  The husband and wife team, Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller, design spaces that range from elegantly traditional to luxuriously minimalist to glamorously bohemian. There really is a little bit for everyone. Here are a few of my favorite images from the book. Get ready to pin away.....these images will serve as great inspiration when you are designing your next space-

That kitchen!! Although I'm not sure about the cockroach photograph leaned on the counter. Hmmm. I also really love all the lighting choices.  Get this fabulous book here.  I promise you will love it.

[images via Vendome Press]

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  1. Albertina I agree with you and absolutely adore this book, so filled with glorious images!!
    Thank you for sharing!!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. gorgeous! thanks for sharing Albertina! They have such versatility in their designs - gorgeous!

  3. wow! the calico wall paper in the living room is on my dream list:) xx


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