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January 11, 2016

We all love collecting something. And there is nothing more rewarding than displaying this collection for others to enjoy because it is an investment of resources but most importantly of time and patience.  I collect necklaces (I adore them!) and books (don't we all!) and I wish I could say I collect art (I would have to have so much more) but I do enjoy purchasing every piece we own.  Like Emily Henderson above, you can collect all sorts of things or something more specific (like all the below). Here are some ways others have incorporated collections in their homes-

If you collect books...maybe for those you don't love as much and don't know what do with stack them in the chimney.

Books stacked on chairs and topped with flowers make a statement and give a relaxed feel to the traditional and formal pieces. 

Malachite boxes?  Yes, please!!

Blue and white is essential especially if it's next to purple.

Ahhhh Fornasetti plates!  You know I love them. And now have three of my own.

Staffordshire Dogs in the dining room? Anytime! 

What do you collect?  Do you have any fun and interesting ways of displaying your things? Do share!

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  1. I love having collections of framed family pictures on a table, and of course, books! Happy Monday !

  2. I collect all sorts of stuff, the brass are currently grouped in my kitchen office cabinet and I'm just starting on collecting Malachite patterned boxes now currently on my coffee table! I usually display my collections since what's the point of collecting if you can't enjoy them on a daily basis right?!

  3. Over the years, art, books galore, blue and white, Beth Cosner jewelry!
    Wonderful images!

    The Arts by Karena
    Life Lessons: So Honored!


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