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March 01, 2016

It is exciting to be able to reach out to artists directly in today's world.  Many artists nowadays have their own websites where they sell their works directly so you no longer have to go through a gallery, which can be intimidating and expensiveAll of this makes it so much easier to own original artworks. Many of these artists even love getting commissions.  You can send them photographs of the space you are needing a painting for, the fabrics you have furniture upholstered with, and they will come up with a beautiful design just for you.    In my opinion, original works make your walls come alive.  Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of prints around my house (you all know The Aestate and The Pink Pagoda are my favorites in this category), but I do love my little original art collection.  

I have a running list of favorite artists that sell their original pieces and today I want to share with you my favorite sixteen sources for original art.  Let's start with Kerri Rosenthal (work above). You may know her best for her hearts and flowers, but this abstract is sensational.  Her work is happy and friendly and so easy to incorporate in a pretty space.

Next up is the very talented Kerry Steele.  She has a great portfolio of abstract pieces and she also does beautiful nudes #EveryoneNeedsANude. 

This ethereal  beauty is by  Lindsey Meyer.  Her pieces are light and ethereal.  She uses lovely color combinations. 

 I just love Lulie Wallace's flowers and tablescape scenes.  Her color choices are bold and fun. The attention to details just make her pieces so vibrant.

These pieces by  Merideth Grabham are little jewels. 

This is one art power couple-  Danny Geschardt (above) and  Reagan Geschardt (below) are so talented.  I adore Reagan's nudes as you may remember from here and here.

I don't think i have ever shown you an abstract by Reagan Geschardt. Beautiful right?

This bold piece is by the super talented Stephanie Lessing from Le Petit Atelier de Nana.  Her pieces finish a room with a bang. If you are not afraid of color you need to see her other works.

I love Sally King Benedict's faces.  I have a small one and just adore it.  See it here- It's small but it packs a punch.

These other dramatic and fabulous faces by Hayley Mitchell are sensational.  She has prints in her shop but have seen makeovers like this fabulous one with originals, so I'm sure she takes commissions.

I adore Susie Bettenhausen's's light and breezy.  We have one of her paintings in my daughter's room.

I have been coveting Michelle Armas'  art since I learned of her work many years ago.  This piece above is perfection.

I have met Katie Craig in person.  Aside from her fabulous talent she is also the sweetest.  I worked with her on a commission for my closet. You can see it here.  We had so much fun talking about the palette and 'look and feel' of the space- her end result was dreamy and perfect.

Jenny Andrews is another artist I adore.  One of her pieces hangs in my family room and it just makes that space cozy and feminine.  The more I live with it, the more I love it.

This fun piece by Leslie Weaver was a recent find.  I love her playfulness and colors. Nothing like a Carmen Miranda type lady to spice things up.

This last (but not least) one is by Jenny Prinn. I love everything she makes.  I remember coming across her work in Serena and Lily's art gallery and being #obsessed ever since. Her color compositions are beautiful.

That is it for my round-up today.  I would so gladly take one from each!!  I hope you liked them. Do you have any other artists I should know about?

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  1. So thrilled that you have featured all of these amazing artist!
    Everyone can have original artwork in their homes!!

    Artist Mike Savage


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