January 21, 2016

I think #EveryoneNeedsANude in their home, no matter how small or humble your art collection is.  I have blogged about it before and continue to be mesmerized by them.  I recently added a small nude to my powder bathroom aside from the one I have in my closet and just love it.  Today I want to share with you two artists whose nudes I'm totally #obsessed with.  Let's start with the art of Gee Gee Collins.  Here are some of my favorites-

I love Gee Gee's bold brush strokes and serenely colorful palette. These nudes are elegant yet relaxed and I find them very soulful.  You can see more of her nudes here.  I'm also fascinated by her faces collection and her abstracts.

The fabulous Reagan Geschardt is  the other artist I want to highlight today.  If you are a regular reader you know about her already from this , this and this post, and if you are new you will adore her.  Some samples of her work-

All pretty amazing right? Her color combinations are playful and decisive. And here is the one I own by Reagan. I love it more and more every day.

 Convinced? Everyone does need a nude (#EveryoneNeedsANude) for sure! Do you have any hanging around your home?  And if so, tell us where you have placed them?  Are you discreet and have them in more private spaces like a bathroom or closet, or do you have them displayed proudly in your living rooms and more trafficked areas?  Do share!


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  1. These are beautiful works of art Albertina. A nude portrait is a poignant piece to have in any collection!

    The Arts by Karena
    Dream of Spring

  2. If the nude is abstract like this, I can see it hang anywhere in my home really. I have yet to find one that I am madly inlove with, for now, unfortunately, no nudes YET in our abode!

  3. I totally agree that everyone needs a nude! Nudes are honestly one of my favorite art subjects! They really add a touch of elegance to a space. I love celebrating the beauty of women and having a part of that in my home!

    Marie Huang
    Progression By Design


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