My Favorite Curtains that Made the Rounds

January 22, 2016

Everyone in blogland is talking about Michelle Adams' remodeled home.  She was part of the Domino team and then co-founded Lonny Magazine to then becoming Editor for the relaunched Domino Magazine.  She has set trends, identified them....basically, any interior design blogger adores her and her style so we are excited to see her new home here.  I just love seeing how her taste keeps evolving and how she has rearranged what she owns in such beautiful ways.  Some advice we can extrapolate from her's better to buy just a few good things that you love than many not so good things just to fill up the space.  You can always use the good things over and over again.  This Schumacher's Pyne Hollyhock fabric is one of my absolute can see how Michelle first used it for her bed....then her office....and now her dining room!-

Buy something that you love and you will be surprised at the number of lives it has!  You will keep finding ways to reincarnate it into something exciting.  Read more on her renovation here.

Stay warm!  Happy Weekend.

[photos via House BeautifulLonny , Lonny]


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  1. Gorgeous pattern on this one for sure!

  2. I loooooooove this post! You are the cleverest Albertina! xxxx

  3. I love Michelle Adams style so much! I have a little scrap of Pyne Hollyhock that I'm going to make into a little pillow for my bed!!

  4. Love these pics from Michelle's home Albertina!

    The Arts by Karena
    Dreams of Spring!

  5. Her style is impeccable! I totally agree... I'd rather buy 3 things that I love than 15 just to fill up the space quickly...No wonder I'm taking forever to decorate my new home!! xo.


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