DIY || Pearl Beaded Vest

March 29, 2016

I was inspired by jacket I saw at Harrod's in London last summer.  Boy, was that jacket cute (and expensive!) so I decided to make my own version for a fraction of the price (under $45!!).  I get so many compliments when I wear it- it is very chic and is perfect for these transitioning weather days.  I even made one for my daughter.

To make this super chic and easy vest you will need- 

1 || A quilted vest. I got mine from Uniqlo. They are inexpensive, warm, good quality and super cute (and they come in all sorts of colors !).  They also have kid sizes.

2 || Pearl Beads.  I bought some 10 mm pearl beads for my jacket from Jo-Anns.  My daughter's pearls were smaller at 6 mm.

3||  Needle and Thread.  I'm sure you have some at home.


||  Plan out where you will want your pearls placed.  My jacket had diamond stitching so it was easy to figure out where they should go.  I followed a similar pattern on my daughter's jacket even though hers had striped stitching.

||  Arm yourself with patience and start sewing them on one by one.  I found it quite relaxing.  

My daughter and I love the end result.  I wear mine all the time and this kind of a vest is perfect for this transitioning weather where it might be colder in the mornings and warmer later in the day.  I love wearing mine over my gym clothes too. It makes my outfit chicer for sure.

Let me know if you make it, I promise you will get many compliments.

If you are wondering about my sunglasses you can get them here and my sparkly sneakers are from here (yes, I'm in age denial and loving it!).  My daughter's adorable velvet shoes are from this awesome kids store (If you love classic European kid's clothing you will love what they have). And my t-shirt is sold out but here is a similar one.

Happy DIY'ing!

[photos by Meghan Weaver] 

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  1. I absolutely adore this and will definitely COPY it! Thanks Albertina, you both look so chic!

  2. Y'all are completely adorable as is the vest...couldn't love it more! Happy Tuesday!

  3. Love love love! I'm definitely trying this! Brilliant!


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