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March 30, 2016

The secretary desk is chic, functional and very efficient. It's a desk with extra storage like bookshelves and drawers all in one.  It is also the perfect piece to display treasures or collections. It is multi-functional- the original home office, no kidding. My parents have downsized and so I inherited a beautiful secretary desk and have been scouring the Internet for styling inspiration.  My favorite is the above design by Thomas O'Brien. I'm so inspired by this photograph.  I could move right in.  Here are a few other rooms with secretary desks-

This styling by The Pink Pagoda on her last One Room Challenge is fabulous with this collection of blue and white fabulousness.
What an interesting idea to have a secretary desk in the bathroom.

This more modern version shows how multi-functional these desks can be.  When you are done working, close-it up and hide the mess away.

I love this look here used as a bookcase and as a hat display.  Multi-functional for sure.  I will keep you posted on where I decide to put ours.  I was thinking of putting it in our living room and turning it into a bar.  I think it would not only look ideal but it would be so practical as well. I could put glasses and bottles on the shelves.  But this would mean I would have to say bye bye to my bar-moire :(  If anyone in the Dallas area wants it I will give you a good deal. Email me!

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  1. I love all of your inspiration, and your bar'moire! Can't wait to see how you style your secretary! :)


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