ORC || Daughter's Room (Week 4)

April 28, 2016

 Well, now this is a sneak peek if I ever saw one!!!  I don't know that I have ever shown so much before the reveal....but I'm just too excited not to share.  I wasn't planning on having a new dresser....but when I saw this #HomeGoodsScore I just had to get it!  And I'm so happy I did! And what about this stunning work of art??  Gaahhh.....we are in love with it.  It is by super talented Hayley Mitchell. I love her flowers, her earrings....her colors......We are truly excited about this one.  Plus Hayley is so nice and sweet to work with.  I sent her a few photos of the colors of the room and she worked her magic! 

It's Thursday again and so I get to fill you in on the progress I have made in my daughter's room for the One Room Challenge Guest Participants.  The One Room Challenge was started by Linda from Calling it Home some years ago where she lines up twenty very talented professional bloggers and designers to redo a room in just six weeks.  They share their progress every Wednesday (see my past projects here and here).  And the Guest Participants (anyone can join!) report their progress on Thursdays.  If you are just tuning in for the first time you can see week 1, week 2, week 3.  This week 4 has been intense and exciting. And I have my fingers crossed I can pull it off in time.  Two more weeks!! Eeeek!!! So let me tell you what other things we did-

The beautiful blankets arrived from Alegria Home and they are so cute.  My daughter is so in love with them. So much so, she tells me she doesn't have the right word to profess her love for them.  I'm so happy I discovered this cute store and if you like them too, you can enter a giveaway for a $150 credit. Enter here.  Also, this week I found a place to make the table skirt the additional bed skirt. So, this is in progress.

The cute trash can is old, but you can get similar ones here.  And this fun art piece is an ink blot shape made out of stickers by Flat Vernacular.  They also make fun wallpapers, but you can commission a small custom piece like I did. I gave it to my daughter for Christmas and now finally we can hang it in her new room, even though we are not exactly sure where it is going to go.

I ordered this fabulous ghost chair from Amazon! Only $74.  You can really find anything there!!  So, that will be her desk chair...

My task list-

1 ||  Find material for the bed skirt and make the skirt (in progress)
2 ||  Add trim? and if so, what color should it be? GOLD!!! Painted.Done!!!
3 || Find fabric for the night-table and make the skirt. (done. skirt is being made)
4 || Art is all identified.  A few pieces are still at the framers.
5 || Desk (done)

6 || Lighting.  I still need to receive it and hang it.
7 || Curtains....we have blackout shades and HUGE windows. I don't think that is an expense I want to get into.
8 ||  Reading Chair. Done.

I think we are on track. Fingers crossed!

Now visit the other participants....should be fun to see what everyone is up to!

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  1. That dresser is fantastic. And yes, Amazon. How did we live before Amazon!?!

  2. Love the art Albertina!
    So colourful and unique! And the modern ghost chair will be perfect to balance with her old desk :)

  3. You got that at Homegoods? Amazing!

  4. Looking fantastic! Huge fan of Hayley as well! That dresser is divine!

  5. Love the throwback vibe. You always seem to amaze you and your transformations are always one of my favorites!

  6. Albertina, the art is amazing and that inlaid chest, adore it all!

    The Arts by Karena

  7. That dresser/art vignette is perfection!!!

  8. Haha! Alber, you won't believe... We have the nightstand exactly like your dresser in my daughters' room and the same ghost chair on their desks :-) THIS IS GOING IN AN AMAZING DIRECTION


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