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January 12, 2017

Can we really be in mid-January?  How are your resolutions going so far? I'm working hard on one of my projects which I hope to share with you soon.  I have been learning a lot of different skills for this, which can be exciting, but also stressful.  But I'm having a lot of fun.  I hope your resolutions are doing the same for you!  A few pretty things to oggle at today-

I have been longing for a Lindsey Adelman chandelier ever since I first learned about them and even made my own DIY. They are currently out of budget for me, but really like this similar version at a greatly improved price.  I find it quite beautiful. This is one of the prettiest and sexiest magazine racks I have seen. So much so, I would consider putting it in our formal living room.  This delicate and feminine lamp is the perfect shade of pink. I am drawn to its elongated neck and soft hue. Carbs get such a bad wrap lately, but boy are they delicious! Especially if you cook out this Eatily book! Italian is one of my favorite cuisines. This brass hand figure is saying "I LOVE YOU".  What a chic reminder of this sweet message for your home.  The white marble side table is simple and functional. An instant classic.  It is the kind of piece you will own for years and at $249 it seems to be a great little investment. This little black skirt from Carven is flirty yet classic. A great staple to have in your closet as it goes with everything, plus you can take it to work or to a party.  This black top is very exciting and elegant.  But you can really also dress it down with some jeans.  Those frilly sleeves are all I'm craving this season.  Oh the drama!  Another fabulous sleeve, this white top has uniform written all over it.  This is that easy top you will look great in without having to rack your brain in the mornings when deciding what to wear. The pearl and leather necklace is a beautiful piece to wear everyday.  I'm a huge pearl lover because I think they really brighten your face and adding the leather is a perfect modern twist.  It also really helps that the price is $48.

Happy Thursday! We are almost there...the weekend is around the corner.

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[ chandelier | black and copper magazine rack | pink table lamp | Eatily cookbook | brass hand figurine | white marble side table | black skirt | white top | black top | leather and pearl necklace ]

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