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January 10, 2017

I was captivated by the warmth and simplicity of this kitchen by The McCann Design Group. I can't remember where I spotted this photo, but upon further exploration of their website I fell in love with their portfolio.  The McCann Design Group is one of Palm Beach's leading interior design firms and is recognized for their fresh and sophisticated approach to creating beautiful spaces.  The wallpapers, fabric choices and wall color selections are perfection. Also, be sure to notice the amazing greenery outside all the windows!  During this dead of winter it's a feast for the eyes to see so much green. Let's take a look-

Ahhhhh to have a pool like this...... Totally Palm Beach Chic!

Hallway to heaven! That tub!

A close-up of the tub

There are few things better than the matchy matchy look.  I really love it.

Beautiful and refreshing right?  Classic but with a modern freshness, their designs are lust-worthy. To see more of their portfolio visit here.  And you should also know they have opened a shop called HIVE HOME, GIFT & GARDEN where you can take part of this look home with you.  Visit their shop here.

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  1. Their porfolio is a favorite and the first kitchen is a it all!! Happy Tuesday, Albertina!


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