The Pink Chair

January 20, 2017

I have blogged about this pretty pink London restaurant before.  This is a difficult one to let go of.  I just really love the design of the space by India Mahdavi.  Yes, the pink makes the space stand out, but the more I think about it it is the shape of the chairs that really attracts me and keeps me mesmerized. It has been a few years since I learned about this place and I still constantly think about it. I just came to realize that she, India Mahdavi, is also the designer behind the chairs.  I had not put two and two together (sorry, sometimes I'm slow this way).  I just really feel better going to sleep knowing that I could some day own a pair of these.  It's a nice dream to have, right?

And they look amazing in lilac as well!

You can get your chair at Ralph Pucci here. Some day!

[Images via India Mahdavi and Ralph Pucci]

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  1. Invites you to eat!! The power of a great design!! Definitely a must!


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