I Can See Clearly Now

February 23, 2012

Today's reveal is my obsession with glasses.
Square, round, large, small.... I love them. They are the easiest way to express your mood. Why not make something utilitarian a style statement.  
A tortoise box next to my bed holds collection of glasses large enough for a small village of farsighted folks. 
From Persols that I have modified from sun glasses to readers, to Prada bifocals that I spent way too much on, to a rainbow of Eye Bobs, to my latest must have, my Warby Parkers that I bought last summer. I can't live without them (or their price).

An innocent looking bed side table
But, come closer...

Well now you know, I have a thing for glasses.

All photographs courtesy of Albertina Cisneros

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  1. Im about to steal your photos to reblog? Ok?!? You've been doing a great job and I have been too busy to read!!!! I need to add you to my daily list ASAP!

  2. No problem!! Steal away!! xx


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