Green Again

June 27, 2012

Julie introduced me and I think some of you to living green walls in her post here.  There are some people good at spotting something cool before it becomes a trend and Julie is one of those people.  Now I'm seeing a big interest in incorporating green walls in interior design.
After her post I went to Malaga and took this photo below (posted about here) of a wall at a restaurant in the port. 
Ever since, I have become aware of any design that incorporates greenery.  Like this!  Isn't this stunning! Nature as art.
Then I learned about this:
evergreen panels composed of living lichen.  So basically, a base of fiberboard is covered with a 2-inch thick layer of reindeer moss which draws all the materials it needs to live from the air.  So it helps regulate humidity and the best part- it also promotes high quality accoustics- HELLO media room!....or any room....!

A company called Freund does this type of evergreen paneling.  I'm sure if you are handy and green-thumby you could figure out a way to do it yourself.

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**  Some photos were deleted from the original post because the source we got them from did not have a copyright for them.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

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  1. Gorgeous! I do have to wonder if any of these would survive in AZ...

  2. if you love green walls, you will love this facade at Caixaforum Madrid
    kisses from Barcelona!

    1. wao! love!! and I was just in madrid..missed time. Thanks

  3. Very interesting.. I especially love the white (modern&polished) and green combinations..

    Please stop by my blog if you get a free minute. I am trying to decide which shoes to buy and would really appreciate your input! thank you!!

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