Art to Outfit- Sunday Brunch

August 24, 2012

I came across this beautiful painting by Charlotte Hardy.  I find the swans, flowers, and colors very romantic.  (Did you notice there is only one black little bird in the very regal cage while all the others birdies and swans are outside? Hmm...I wonder what is going on....anyhoot..) Charlotte is an English artist who is very drawn to pattern and color, just like I am.  Maybe this is why I immediately felt a connection with this painting. All her works are beautiful.  You can check them out here.   So as an Ode to this piece I prepared this little femine, romantic and elegant Sunday Brunch outfit.

Aside from that gorgeous painting the shoes are what I want your attention focused on.  Aren't they just beautiful, beautiful! They are on super sale if you need something sweet like this.  I, of course, took the bird theme quite literally from the painting and found this cute peplum dress with a wonderful price as well.  The Elva Fields' necklaces always add such excitement to the neck area and they are just jaw droppingly beautiful.   And well the American Apparel leather clutch is just too good for words (practical, inexpensive, good quality, and cute!  seriously what more could you ask for?)There you have it...Art to outfit.

Enjoy the last days of summer- put on your dresses and sandals. Take advantage of this warm weather while you can.

Happy Friday!!  Any exciting plans you want to share with us?  I'm going to a fun concert.  Maybe I will take some photos and show you all next week.

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  1. You are right such a romantic painting. You chose a beautiful peplum dress to go alongside:) Happy Friday!


  2. Really cute! Too bad the shoes are only in 8 at this point... I can't believe te summer is over! I feel like I have not gotten to enjoy it...

  3. Very stylish, you are an inspiration- my closet needs your discerning, hip eye!!!!

  4. Sooo feminine. I love it... And the art too!

  5. Love this painting. So feminine and romantic!

  6. Albertina I'm so happy you led me here, I adore your blog :) I am your latest GFC follwer. So happy to see how much we have in common, I feel like I need to go back and read all of your posts! Hugs

    Nancy x

  7. I really love the painting! Looks like its based on the Nina Campbell Wallpaper Swan Lake, one of my personal faves!!!

    1. Oh wao! You are right! I hadn't noticed that. Thanks Tiffany. That is gorgeous wallpaper indeed

  8. Yes the shoes!! Completely drawn to them!! Stunning!

  9. What a beautiful painting. I also the outfit you've put together, the print on the dress is just lovely.

  10. Lovely painting and outfit. I love those shoes!

  11. That painting is wonderful, I love the colors and subject matter so much! And you're probably right about some symbolism going on with those little black birds. I am excited to see more of this artist's work!

    And I'm in love with that necklace and pair of shoes. Nicely done, nicely done.


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