DIY Decoupage Book Boxes

October 01, 2012

What happens when you have some Modge Podge laying around and some beautiful marbelized paper and a gold leafing pen?  These cool book boxes is what happens!  This DIY was easy, fun, with a cute result.  Here is what you will need:

1|  Modge Podge
2|  Any kind of paper.  I used this beauty from PaperSource

And not only are they cute, you can hide treasure inside.  They would look great as an accessory on a shelf or table around the house....or if you are a really good friend as the box to someone's gift.  I'm not that nice I think I'm keeping these.  I have a ton of that beautiful paper left over....I may try a tray or something.  Decoupaging is so fun! Who knew!?

I first cut the paper to fit the outside.  Then modge it on.  I did several coats.  I'm guessing around 6.  It dries pretty quickly.  Then I gold leafed the edges.  And voila!
Wondering about that cute ink blot print in the background? Its Jessica's, from the Aestate.  Get it here.

Have you decoupaged lately?  I'm finding an affinity for it....

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  1. This has made it to my, DIY list! They look too cute...and thanks for including where the artwork was from it definitely caught my eye :)

  2. So pretty and creative! I love the patterned paper!


  3. how beautiful! I am so impressed!

  4. Me likes. Think I'll borrow this idea to wrap some photo albums for a project I'm prepping for. Thanks lady for the morning inspiration!

  5. Such a great project.... Btw... Love the print on the back!

  6. How fun! My mom and I were just talking about covering books...hehe.

  7. Great idea!
    And this marbelized paper is really gorgeous!
    I've never seen a similar one in France... But I absolutely must find it or I'll check if papersource can ship to France.

  8. You are something - love the idea and it looks amazing!!

  9. wow- these came out looking so cool! And I love that print in the background! I've been considering buying the exact same one!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  10. Wow that print in the background is super amazing.

    Seriously though, I LOVE this. The gold leaf pen is the perfect touch. I'm definitely doing this for my less-pretty books.


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