Summer Musts

I had a lovely weekend filled with three birthday parties!  One included a whole bunch of wet and squealing 4 and 5 year olds......which got me to thinking about summer.  I don't really need anything for summer.  I have a couple of cute suits and sandals that I got last year and that are still in vogue....so I'm good.....but that doesn't stop me from admiring all these beautiful things.  How cute are the winged sandals?  Wouldn't you feel like you could do and overcome anything and everything with them?  Wouldn't you feel kind of like this:

Aaahhh...the Winged Victory of Samothrace. I can't wait to go back to Paris and visit her.

That clutch is pretty darn amazing too, huh?  Alrightie....Happy Monday everyone!


What kind of a hat girl are you?

I have hats on my mind as well as a million other things revolving around the world of Polo.  You see I'm chairing a polo fundraising event on May 12th to raise money for pediatric neurological research for The Child Brain Foundation.  Huh??  Well, basically the money goes to finding out more about the brain and how it works.  It is a great organization and they are doing their important part in advancing the knowledge that surrounds the brain.  After all, its one of the most important parts of our body.

So aside from the actual important things like organizing the silent auction, promoting the event (please if you live in Dallas you should come..it is great fun! You can get tickets here) and making sure everything is under control, I'm also thinking about my outfit.  Because, well, the outfit is half the fun! And the hat is 80% of the outfit in this case.  I will be styling a fascinator again this year because they are sooooo comfortable and I need comfortable as I will be running around all afternoon. (The British and Spaniards have it right!)

What kind of a hat girl are you?        

Alrightie.... Happy Friday friends!


A fantastic Nose with great taste in Design

The story behind this post begins like this-  I meet my friend for lunch at a chic restaurant/store called Forty Five Ten in Dallas.  After lunch we do a quick tour of the store side which is beautifully curated with the most spectacular clothing and accessories a woman can dream of when I noticed some beautiful bottles.  My friend tells me they are Frederic Malle perfumes. I first fall in love with the packaging and then my friend tells me she has a certain one. So I spray some of that particular scent on.... Wao, interesting, different.....a few hours later I was hooked.  I could not stop smelling my wrist.  And so begins my new obsession with Frederic Malle.  Then researching him.....I find his new Fifth Avenenue home was in Architectural Digest last year.  And as I start seeing the photos....I begin to get obsessed with his gift for design as well.  Who is this person with such a good nose and such good taste?  His grandfather founded Christian Dior Parfums and his mom also worked in the industry, hence the nose, and his studies in architecture and art at NYU gave him the basis for his wonderful interior design. 

To start his perfume business he invited nine of the top perfumers in the world and gave them creative and financial freedom....and what does that produce?  well, HEAVEN in a bottle!  Trust me. 
So this is his home. I love the art and how he juxtaposes the modern with the renaissance style paintings.  He does the same with the furniture- the 18th century desk with the modern and amazing Hansen Egg chair (that leather is just delicious).
Again the antique painting over a modern bed and bedside table.  I love that perfectly positioned globe to break the hard edges of the frame and the bed.
And this is a gallery wall done right- the pieces are far apart and lower to the ground than usual.
What a cozy and beautiful bedroom. Having such heavy fabric all around feels comforting and warm. Don't you think?  When I was growing up I had a similar set-up in my bedroom.  The walls and the curtains were all the same fabric, and I loved it. See more of his home here.

Interesting how a little spritz on my wrist took me into this fun little learning journey.

So, maybe I get this perfume for Mother's day?  The one I liked is En Passant (hint, hint). You can buy them here.


Black and Yellow

Pink Pagoda Prints

This is Julie's beautiful home.  I came over today to take some photos of her new Pink Pagoda prints.  They actually came a while ago and she had been day dreaming about hanging them for a while.  And so three months later...Voila!  It was worth the wait. They look beautiful in the thin blue frames she chose, and of course, her styling is flawless.  I love all the green and purple accessories she added.  These chinoiserie prints liven any corner up instantly with their classic themes and bright colors.  They are an inexpensive way to add a pop of color to your home.  Here you can take a look at other homes that also have Pink Pagoda prints to get ideas.  My favorite are the three monkeys in the gallery wall in the laundry room.  Take a peek.

I have very few chinoiserie pieces in my home...but I'm digging these prints.  How about you?


DIY Card Art

Make your own art work.  Scan, enlarge, print and frame. This is how this project came aboutA few anniversaries ago my husband handmade a card for me.  He made it out of a deck of playing cards.
The card was a triptych, so cute and clever.  I absolutely loved it.  I wanted to do something with it, but what?  I then remembered an image of a large playing card framed as art. I think this idea came from a Domino Magazine? (I can't recall exactly).  So I scanned, enlarged, printed (I used Kodak Gallery) and framed each playing card.  I used these Ribba IKEA frames. And now they are in Little Miss A.'s playroom. This is an easy, fast, and inexpensive way to fill some walls with something meaningful.
What do you think?

Weekend recap

T-Mobile "T"?
Little Ms. A loved seeing her letter "A" at the Dallas flea market.
We found a clever etsy vendor, Southern Fried Paper. Love those cards!  I almost got the "I love you more than that guy from Twilight" card for my husband (I heart Robert Pattinson)...but my husband has no idea what Twilight is....thus defeating the purpose. Check out their other fab offerings here.
We saw lots and lots of boots.  I still don't own a pair.  I doubt I ever will.  But they make for good photos.
We had some wonderful friends for dinner.  These flowers graced our dinner table with their beautyI made this flourless chocolate tart here for dessert.
We have so many roses in our garden.  And the weather this weekend was perfection.  We were outside for most of it.
We were lucky enough to see tons of lady bugs. I think they were out celebrating Earth day.
Little Ms. A built a flowery palace for the lady bug.  Do you see how happy it is?
We hope you had a fun weekend.  Have a great start to your week. Happy Monday!!


Paper Art

I am intrigued by Danish artist Peter Callesen
 Then I found Elsa Mora...
 And Bovey Lee.....

Super cool, right?? Can you imagine taking the time and having the patience to do this? 

Keep the scotch tape handy.

I hope you have a wonderful and paper cut free Friday.



When we lived in London one of my favorite things was the Saatchi Gallery. I would spend hours there looking at there amazing contemporary art exhibits, then sadly, they closed, then happily, they opened right across the kings Road in our neighborhood, then sadly, we moved...
Anyway, this morning I got a newsletter from them introducing a sight they are participating in that is being launched this week. 

 Its like Pinterest for art!!!!

Just when I was about to seek therapy for my Pinterest addiction, this comes along.
So long friends. Nice knowing you family. I will now be devoting my few spare minutes a day to this new obsession!

Cinstantin Brancusi
Chris Levine
Yayoi Kusama
Willem de Kooning
Amadeo Modigliani
What do you think? Will you be using it??
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