On My Mind || Delicious truffles and other random thoughts

December 19, 2013

Some random thoughts for you today-

Chocolate Caramel truffles with black sea salt ||  I have been dying to try  and make these delicious treats.  My good friend, Alison from Heart of Gold, who always has such divine recipes made them.  And they seemed easy to make so I think I will attempt them this weekend (that and real eggnog...YUM!).  I asked her about the black salt and if you can't find it at a gourmet market near you she told me you can get it at Amazon here. My other favorite recipe of Alison's is this lemon and olive oil cake (my husband adores this one and is constantly begging for it.)

Black Lips || For a while now I have been lusting after Kelly Wearstler's marble lips but they were a bit out of my budget so I was very happy to learn about these beautiful Kosta Boda glass lips.  I think they would look so cool styled on a coffee table with some pretty books and other accents.  They also come in  rainbow of colors.

Gold Clutch ||  My jaw dropped when I saw this beautiful clutch.  I love its straight lines and the mix of materials.  The color palette really makes it chic and sophisticated.  I can see it going with any and every evening outfit or gown possible and it would make such a statement.

Personalized Sketch || What a fun present for that girl who has it all- a sketch of herself by fashion illustrator Jamie Lee ReardinHer illustrations are all the rage lately as her figures are so unique and maybe even daunting with those long necks and thin silhouettes.  You just send in a photo and she sends you back a fabulous stylized sketch!

Cat nap set with slippers and eye mask || Such a fun and luxurious little set for your travels or those jet setter friends.  I know when I travel I hate walking barefoot on any hotel carpet (even if its a five star hotel!) so these cute slippers would be the bees knees.  And for long overnight flights I'm always in search for the cute and perfect eye mask. Here you get it all in one.

Matching tops || This is such a cute top for everyday wear.  I actually have to thank Sally, from A Piece of Toast, for this one.  It looked so cute on her and it seemed to be one of those really comfortable tops that I had to ask where it was from, J.Crew of course.  The festive green plaid makes it perfect for this time of year too.  She pointed out that crewcuts had the same top for little ones.  What a perfect treat- to play twinsies with your favorite little person! One for you and one for your baby!  Or you can surprise grandma with this- one for her and one for her favorite little girl.

Striped tulip skirt ||  Ok, not sure I need this skirt....but its so pretty I think any closet would greatly benefit from this little beauty.  Pair it with black, or white....who cares, it's just so perfect!

Glamorous Corner ||This beautiful little corner of Nasreen Qureshi's bedroom in her home in India designed by Jean-Louis Deniot stole my heart.  It is a dark and strong space that feels cozy and casual at the same time because of its elegant simplicity.  I have been drawn toward these darker and more muted spaced lately.

I know...so many random things here.  Soak up these last few days with Christmas because they are going fast and to me they are the most magical days of the year.  Little Miss A has her school Nutcracker musical today so we are all thrilled beyond belief.  I can't wait another minute.

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  1. I love that tulip skirt and could easily wear it year round!

  2. that gold clutch is absolutely stunning!
    love the geometric shapes and the mix of materials.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  3. I saw the little girl version of that plaid top and died. I didn't realize it comes in adult sizes too!

  4. Thank you so much Albertina:) What a great feature, I am flattered:))

  5. LOVE it all, Albertina! The truffles look TDF. Have a beautiful day! xoxo

  6. I think you should totally get those tops for you and little A ;) And the skirt is gorgeous, love it!

  7. Have fun! I'm a sucker for my kids' performances. Love every minute of them.

  8. My husband just brought home truffles! love them! And the shirt from JCrew is on my personal wish list!

  9. so many things- all typical of everything on our minds these days..I adore Nasreens bedroom! and that party picture on your IG!!! Have fun with holiday festivities and wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year! xo Nancy

  10. Love, love, love this roundup!!

  11. Love, love, love this roundup!

  12. I think you need to find a reason to need that skirt. it is super cute.

  13. Chocolate Caramel truffles with black sea salt and homemade eggnog? Yummy, I'm coming over now!!

    The Glam Pad

  14. I just tried on that J.Crew plaid shirt and it's super cute (and on major sale in stores)! I think I may need to go back and pick it up now! No kiddos for us yet, but maybe I'll get one for my niece and sister-in-law so we can all match, haha!


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