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July 11, 2014


With the inappropriate amount of emails and texts we send everyday the art of the handwritten note is rapidly loosing traction but I'm so glad there are such creative companies out there like Bell'Invito that make it easy to fall back into such a great writing habit.  I hope you have plenty of stamps because these boxed designs will knock your socks off and will have you writing letters to friends you haven't seen in years! (facebook doesn't count!)

Fun and cheeky right? Yet, somehow elegant at the same time. My introduction to this brand was when my sweet friend Shana gave me the prettiest set of notecards from Bell'Invito and then one of my good friends sent me a note on the lips paper.  When two chic friends have the same brand of stationary you know you are onto something.  The owner and designer Heather Wiese prints the cards on late 19th century printing presses that had been in the family for decades that she unearthearthed.  What a treasure!  and what fabulous taste she has.  She also does custom invitations and stationery but if you are more of a boxed-set kind-of-a-girl you can get them here.  Oh and did I mention Heather owns Nest, one of the chicest gift and home accent shops in Dallas?  Multi-talented indeed.

[all images via Bell'Invito]

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  1. I have to write some thank-you notes this weekend -- thanks for the reminder! :)

    x Lily

  2. Clever, very clever! Who wouldn't want to open those instead of a bill? Goal: send three hand written notes a month to make others happy! Fun reminder...

  3. Nothing is better than a handwritten note. I love the first two so pretty! I am going to be writing a bunch of these in the form of thank you notes from our wedding!

  4. Gorgeous! I love a hand written note and it would certainly be more beautiful on these papers! Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend. xo Nancy

  5. These designs are gorgeous! On my way to the site.

  6. Que lindos papeles de carta Albertina , no los conocía ,,Te deseo un óptimo fin de semana

  7. Beautiful! I love handwritten notes.


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