On My Mind || The Arrival of Fall

August 28, 2014

Just some pretty neutral tones to start getting you  into the fall mode. Although you would never know that fall was around the corner with these triple digit temperatures.  Let's start with the amazing Tom Dixon table.  

It has such simple lines yet has a very strong visual impact. It's just perfect. Those pretty nude heels with that cute black bow are so sweet and feminine. The black and white dress is fun for date night or dinner with friends.  it just seems so wearable.  The clutch is embroidered.  I just adore the rich color combined with the black.  it seems like such a practical piece perfect for fall and winter and for traveling.  Who doesn't need an acrylic clipbiard? A set of gold rimmed glasses for $35?  This seems to be like a very nice deal to me.  And the marble fruit stand is so chic. Picture it with lemons in your kitchen counter. I need these gold serving pieces for my gold flatware.  They are beautiful.

Are you starting to get into the fall mode and wishing the air was crisper?  I know I can't wait to start wearing my sweaters.

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  1. Fall can wait but I have to say up here in the north the nights have been getting way too cold. Love those gold trimmed glasses - and I have the marble fruit bowl it is so beautiful!

  2. Those gold serving pieces and the glasses would add a glamorous touch to any table!

  3. So much goodness here! I love the understated pieces like that clip board and those glasses. Just a little gold detail goes a long way:)

  4. I love fall, and cannot wait for it to permanently cool down so I can wear my boots! Love, love, love that dress!


  5. YES!!! Fall, please hurry up! Sweaters, boots, scarves, football, pumpkin spice lattes...it doesn't get any better!

  6. Come to me marble fruit stand!! And that Tom Dixon table is about the sexiest way I can think of to eat breakfast. :)

  7. I want ALL of these things! The air here is already feeling crisp but the sun is shining today so I'm not totally ready to let go of summer. Fall finds will get me there, though. :)

  8. that graphic print dress is to die for! Looks like Proenza.

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