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September 03, 2014

While I was in Boston I was lucky enough to meet Jennifer, the fabulous designer behind Decorum, for an afternoon strolling through The  South end in Boston (you may remember when I posted on her fab trays here).  She was such an amazing hostess and took me to the most chic spots.  My favorite stop in our stroll was the home interiors store Hudson. Hudson is the perfect mix of New England charm and California cool.  You may not have known that these two could go together, but owner Jill Goldberg has the mix down to science. I just love walking into a store and being pulled in a million directions because I spot things that I love everywhere. Would it be an exaggeration if I told you I wanted everything in the store? I think not!

They carry an amazing line of customizable Jill Rosenwald pieces exclusively designed for Hudson. 

And of course they would have the beautiful Dunes and Duchess lamps and candelabras.

Jill also helps promote local artists and is now showcasing  Steve Page's beautiful pottery.  I loved that I was introduced to this great shop and really treasured that I got to meet Jill, the mastermind and creator behind the operation. This dynamic lady is a force of nature and has taken the Boston interior design scene by storm.   Even if you can't get to Boston, not to worry Hudson has an amazing online shop and I have even rounded up some of my favorites.

Pretty, pretty right?  Well, now you know about Hudson, Boston's must-see store. I love keeping you all in the know.  Is anyone planning a trip to Boston? Please take me with you.

[ all photos are mine except  for photos 2, 3, 4, 5 - these pretty ones are via Hudson. But I'm sure you could tell right away!]

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  1. How I love Boston. What a great shop. I see no less than about a dozen things I want/need. Thanks or sharing friend!

  2. Looks like I could spend hours in the place! Love that they have an online shop tho!

  3. Such a pretty shop! I will have to visit next time I am in Boston!

  4. Hola Albertina! que linda tienda.. que tenga un optimo medio de semana

  5. Looks like a fab store...I am way overdue for a trip to Boston...I need to add this to my list for my next trip up there! Hope your week is going well, Albertina! xoxo

  6. Perfect timing for my move back to Boston! I'm definitely gonna check it out soon!

    x Lily

  7. A treasure trove! So many beautiful items, I think I could spend a fortune here. A friend of mine was in Boston last year and it certainly has much to offer

  8. Boston is my very very Favorite US city!! It is dear to my heart! I agree with you, I want to get everything in this store...gorgeous selection!.

  9. Wow amazing stuff and I love how the books are stacked in the brick arches, so different


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