One Room Challenge || The Mudroom- all the things that will not arrive on time!

April 30, 2015

[mirrorprints | box]

It's Thursday again so I get to fill you in on the progress I have made in my mudroom for the One Room Challenge Linking Participants.  The One Room Challenge was started by Linda from Calling it Home some years ago where she lines up twenty very talented professional bloggers and designers to redo a room in just six weeks.  They share their progress every Wednesday (see my past projects here and here).  And the Linking Participants (anyone can join!) report their progress on Thursdays.  

If you are just tuning in for the first time you can see week 1, week 2, week 3,  week 4. I'm actually a bit on panic mode this week because we only have one week left for the reveal and I'm not sure I will be able to finish!  Let's blame it on the millions of things I'm juggling at the same time, plus the amount of rain we have had which has delayed my spray painting and ....You see that super cool mirror, the box and those animal prints above?  Those will arrive AFTER the ORC reveal next week!! Uhm....not what I had planned. And thus I'm feeling a bit like this-

I have so much work to do!  And I have to do it around my cousin's big birthday bash this weekend which I'm flying down to.  Oops. FIngers crossed I can do it.  It's down to the wire. It will be interesting to see what I concoct for next week.

Go check on the other Linking Participants to see what they are up to!  I'm sure they all have wonderful progress to share.

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  1. Albertina I love all of your choices! The animal print art, the mirror, that shape! There is no doubt that this room will be amazing!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Giveaway from The Enchanted Home!

  2. What??? You have to leave town? Regardless of when this space is finished, it's going to be incredible and you'll love having such a chic mudroom area! BTW, I didn't get up early -- I stayed up late : )

  3. I completely feel your pain! I have no doubt it will come together beautifully even with out the above. Can't wait to see it next week!

  4. Oh no! I feel ya. My light fixture for the porch was supposed to arrive yesterday, but it's nowhere to be found according to UPS. Not cool. I know your room will look gorgeous either way though! Can't wait to see it next week!

  5. Girl, I'll probably be in the same boat. I've contacted the light distributor twice now for my pendant and sconce and well, let's just say I've gotten only one word responses to my emails (I'd call, but they are shipping from overseas). Doubtful that they will be installed in time. Not to fear - your space will still have plenty of polish and pretty! That mirror... swoon!

  6. You can do it!!!!!! Even if you don't finish, this space will be amazing!! (and you can always share after ORC ends for us regular blog followers ;) )

  7. I'm in the same boat! A bunch of my things have taken longer than expected on shipping! Even if it's not done it will still be gorgeous!!!

  8. It's going to look amazing and fingers crossed that things will arrive on time - isn't it so frustrating?! Can't wait to see!!

  9. Oooh, I love those prints!!! Even if they don't arrive in time, everything is going to look AMAZING!!! You are so talented!

    The Glam Pad

  10. It'll be fabulous no matter what! Can't wait for the big reveal!

  11. Don't worry it will be just fav!! You are like a magician!! Ta-dah!!!

  12. I think many of us are feeling the same way. Hang in there, I'm sure it will be great!


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