Obelisks Do Come True

September 23, 2015

You may remember my post on obelisks here.  Well, as it happens many times I can become quite obsessive about things I blog about.  And you can guess what happened after I discovered my love for obelisks.  As I began my search for the perfect obelisk (I was searching for only one), I came across a magnificent instagram account- @PKLthecellar by Lance Jackson and Paige Minear.  They sell beautiful things via instagram.  You really need to follow along because it is fun to see what fun treasures they find.  

So I messaged them and asked if by chance they had an obelisk.....and oh boy did they!!!  Not just one, they had a matching pair of brass obelisks. They are even more magnificent than I had ever anticipated.  They now flank the TV in our family room and I could not be more in love with them.  And the fact that they are an early birthday present from my husband makes them even sweeter.

Totally stunning right?? WOW, they blow me away every day I see them.  Sorry, the pictures aren't great, but I'm sure this won't be the last time you see them.

If you are looking to get some obelisks for yourself here are many obelisk options.  And for more sophisticated options see here.

And here are a few more-

[all photos by AC] 

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  1. Strange love yours! ;-)
    I don't know if it's beacause I see them in quite a few towns here in Italy (obviously in real size) but seen them in this size they make me think at a "model" for a minicity ;-D
    Anyway wiht you get a room look very "roman empire" :-)

  2. SO GORGEOUS! And I love that console!

  3. They are stunning!! Absolute perfection!
    Thank Arts by Karena

  4. They are amazing, Albertina! Love the horns too!

  5. Look at you, just when your tv stand couldn't get any chicer. Bla-dow! love it btw

  6. They look amazing!! What a gorgeous table!

  7. Love it! And the gorgeous credenza!

  8. Those are such an incredible find! I love the brass lip box too!

  9. Looks so amazing, they're just beautiful!


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