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October 26, 2015

This beautiful brownstone is an oldie but a goody designed by Jeffrey Bilhuber. I recently came across this living room again and it inspired me to take a closer look at this space and I have to say that it is the art that really caught my attention this time around.  I actually love it all, the design, the colors, the fabric choices, the furniture choices, but I want to focus on the art, which seems approachable to me. We can be inspired by this space and find similar affordable photography and prints that provide a similar look and feel.  Also, the arrangement of the art is creative, fun and is high impact.  There are also great ideas of art you can DIY.  If you frame it nicely I think you can get away with a lot!

You can find same sized prints with a planned color palette and frame them all the same and hang them in a grid like this photo below-

Add a small painting on top of a larger one like in this photo below.

Find three photographs of the same size with the same subject matter and frame them the same and place them one of top of the other for maximum impact.

I always love the look of art in front of books.

If you know a bit of photoshop you can achieve a similar look to this Andy Warhol photograph. 

Add a leaning photo in the bathroom. A nude in this area is always a good idea #everyoneneedsanude.  Which reminds me I have an artist to introduce you too!

This chic manly room has a gallery wall we can easily recreate with all these online sources for affordable prints and photographs.

I love this Baldessari guitar piece.  I see this and am totally inspired. My imagination starts running wild of things I could create with my own photographs.  

Some of my go-to favorite online sources for photography are- These Fine Walls, UGallery,, Minted

For prints- Minted, The Aestate,

For affordable art- Serena and Lily, One King's Lane.

 What are some of your favorite online sources for cool art?
[all photos via Architectural Digest]

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  1. A fabulous collection of art in this home. There are so many ways to achieve an artful look and design! Love it!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Lesley Schiff

  2. I love that. definitely inspiring!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  3. Wow! Feeling very inspired thanks to this post! I need to start working on hanging some gorgeous art in my new home!

  4. WHOA! That Baldessari is blowing my mind. My husband would LOOOVE that Very cool pieces in this house. xo

  5. All great ideas and sources! I also love Made By Girl - I have her pineapple paintings and LOVE prints. :)

    xoxo e

  6. I love this. I love the home and yes, definitely some great suggestions for art. Thank You!

  7. I love all your collections.... specially the guitar
    Veritable Park City Real Estate


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