Rebecca De Ravenel's Home Style || The Girl behind the 'IT' Earrings

May 31, 2016

Have you heard about the 'IT' earrings of the season?- Les Bons Bons by Rebecca de Ravenel?  Well, if you haven't you are in a for a treat! They are colorful, festive, fun, chic and the best part? they are light weight! So you can wear these for hours on end for all those upcoming summer events.  I have been quietly coveting these earrings for a few months and as I was researching Rebecca I found that her home had been published back in 2013 in Vogue and more recently in Domino.  It is always fun to see how someone uses the same furniture in a new space. Her ecclectic, island-vibe home is definitely worth sharing. Here are some photos of Rebecca, her home and her earrings-

I'm between getting the blue or the red earrings....which do you think I should get?  Which do you like best?

Shop les bonbons-

[photos via Rebecca de Ravenel, Vogue and Domino ]

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  1. So beautiful! And yes, I keep seeing those earrings everywhere...I don't think you can go wrong with any of the colors!

  2. Oh my goodness obsessed with every inch of her home!

  3. Rebecca and her home just ooze style! I saw her featured in Domino and couldn't take my eyes off her eclectic spaces. I love the pink earings for a pop of color!

  4. I love everything about her house, and the earrings...fabulous! The blues are a favorite, but the gold are wow!!

  5. I remember loving her NYC apartment in Vogue - so fun to see the LA version. The "bon bons" will look fab on you - I like the blue best. Enjoy the rest of your week!! xoxo

  6. she does the collected look quite well. and those earrings are extremely covetable. i could totally see you rocking a pair.


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