11 Decor Tips Inspired by the Greenbrier

February 18, 2015

We loved our trip to the Greenbrier.  We had a fabulous time and really enjoyed every single minute.  It even snowed for us (for which we had our fingers crossed) and we were able to make snow angels, build a snowman and even have a snowball fight or two.  Little Miss A was very pleased since we live in Dallas, home of mild winters and had not seen snow yet this winter (so sorry for those who have seen way too much this year). Since there are so many beautiful and professional photos of the Greenbrier, I decided to share with you a few interior design tips inspired by the Greenbrier's decor that we can all take into our homes accompanied by some of my iphone photos so you can visualize.  Here are the tips:

1 ||  American federal giltwood convex mirrors (like the one above) are regal and imposing (or just super chic). Now I'm very obsessed with them and think my formal living room would greatly benefit from one of these.  Here are a few antique ones I found would be ideal.

2 || Hunter green walls are fabulous and can be softened up with a pretty floral fabric. 

3 ||  Matchy, matchy is a very elegant look.  My childhood bedroom used the same fabric for the walls, bed, night table and curtains. It was a bit like this hallway below.  I have always been partial to this look (you may remember my post about it here) and really enjoyed seeing it on repeat at the hotel. BTW- this rhododendron wallpaper is beautiful!

4 ||  Never underestimate the power of green.  I wish I could properly portray the magnificence of these chandeliers with green crystals.  They were so bold and daring. Add in the faux malachite painted columns in the background and you have a power room indeed.  The look was luxurious and so rich. (Remember my DIY malachite boxes? I bet I could do an entire column with some practice!)

5 ||  Stripes are fun and can be an inexpensive way to add character to a space.

6 ||  There is always an elegant and clever way to say things.  I need a sign for my front door that nicely says "NO SOLICITING!" or something like this would work)

7 || Go bold on the rugs. Give a reason for people to look down.

8 ||  Acrylic makes everything cooler.  I loved the novel way to hang plates on a wall- by putting them in acrylic boxes with a different color fabric as the background.  These looked so fabulous.

9 || It doesn't get better than a pale pink ceiling with a medallion, decorative moldings and a statement chandelier.

10 ||  Green and pink are a powerful combination.  I chose pink and green for my teenage bedroom and really adored the combination.  I was glad to see my taste validated here.  It's so preppy but so fun and lively too.

11 ||  Teal + black + purple = Heaven.  I'm not a fan of teal but seeing it with black and purple I had a change of heart.  This is a winning combination and would love to use it deliberately.

That's it!!  My 11 design tips inspired by the Greenbrier.  When I go back (hopefully in the summer to enjoy the outdoors) I will get you 11 more.

[ all photos by AC via my iphone]

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  1. Great tips! It looks like it is fabulous!!

  2. It's such a lovely place! I would love to visit someday. I can't get enough of the wallpapers!

  3. That pink ceiling with that divine chandelier, the floral fabric, the ornate gold mirror, that fireplace (I could keep going) is wowzers! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I have always wanted to go to the Greenbriar but somehow never have made it...thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos! xoxo

  5. love the greenbrier. it's one of west virginia's best treasures (especially the fried green tomato sandwich at draper's). so glad you enjoyed your stay!


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