Fornasetti Plates

February 17, 2015

I have wanted a Fornasetti plate for quite a few years now.  I love how they are a mix of the old world with a graphic modern feel. And they are so inventive and they represent for me an invitation for your imagination to take-off. I especially find them captivating if placed in a grouping.  They tell quite a different story when grouped together.  I'm in the process of thinking about a little corner of my home which will be black and white, and a couple of these plates would make this space just perfect.  Piero Fornasetti, the Milanese designer behind these plates was inspired by the face of an Opera singer, Lina Cavalieri (you can read more about her here).  Hers is the face that we see over and over again in his works. Take a look at how others have been inspired to dress up their home in them-

Gaahhhh.....I'm totally smitten.  You can find an amazing selection of Fornasetti plates here. Which would you chose? If they are out of budget the amazing Julia has a perfect DIY.  She is so creative.  There is no excuse now!

I hope to get you some Greenbrier photos to you tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks so so much for linking to me Albertina! I'm obsessed with Fornasetti!

  2. I love the plates, the dresser in the last photo and Julia is fabulous with all of her DIY!

  3. Those plates are iconic. Loved the sneak peaks of your trip to Greenbriar!

  4. Love how they add so much character to a room!

  5. The plates are gorgeous, like all things fornasetti. I dream of having a room to put just a bit of fornasetti wall paper on the wall...those owls! can"t get enough!

  6. I just love the look and love that they add a touch of whimsy to any space!!

  7. Ooh I love these Fornasetti plates. Now, I'm starting to think of the many ways I can incorporate these into my home. Thanks for sharing!


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