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November 19, 2015

Happy, Happy, Merry Merry!!  It is gift guide season and I can't even believe it!!  I'm actually really inspired this year and feel like I have a good idea what I want to get for all those loved ones on my list.  I'm starting the gift guides for all those kids in your life.  I think the colored sand hour glasses are killer! They have a great price and think kids would be intrigued by them.

I think any little girl would love that sparkly grown-up looking bag. The Koons inspired piggy banks come in amazing colors and animal choices.  See all of them here. A beautiful kite is hard to find these days, yet nothing brings more joy than seeing it fly high up in the sky.  I used to love the classic jokes and think all these modern tech savvy kids would love them too.  The plush pirate and mermaid crew are adorable. The large flamingo is precious and so fun for a little girl's room.  And there is no better gift than books! make sure those kids in your life have these classics in their library.  They are such beautiful editions.

I'm actually thinking of getting my little one this lamp.  I'm completely mesmerized by it and think it would be magical in her bedroom or playroom.  I remember seeing it in this Paris apartment in my friend's instagram account this summer and became obsessed with it.  It took me a few months to find but I did!

 Let me know i you have some other fun kids gift ideas!


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