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November 18, 2015

I'm so excited to have some new art in our family room.  I switched a few pieces here and there to accommodate the new ones, and many some holes later I have everything where it looks best (fingers crossed I don't change my mind).  You saw one of my new art pieces last week and now I want to present to you this black and white photograph titled "Checkered" by Alicja Brodowicz from UGallery.  It fits so beautifully in my TV wall.  I'm in love with this strong graphic visual, which adds the right amount of black and white.  Let me give your  a bit more perspective since this is such a close-up shot-

With this new addition, the right side of the TV now offers the perfect counter-balance to the left side (both of the pieces on the left are by super talented artist and friend Marian Lefeld).  I love how striking my new photograph is. I ordered the print framed in acrylic which was fantastic because I didn't have to go running out to get it framed.  The print face is mounted on the back of a .25" thick acrylic glass and it comes mounted on wood so the piece stands off of the wall a little bit.  It looks really sleek and modern.  Between the photograph and it's framing you can say I'm doubly in love with this piece.

I was very impressed with UGallery's art selection.  There were so many amazing photographs to choose from. I had a hard time narrowing down my selection.  And I was happy to learn that fave painter of mine Ryan Pickart also has some prints available for sale at UGallery.  They have more than just photography. They offer the whole spectrum of mediums- from sculpture, to oil painting, to watercolors.....they have a lot! 

You all know how much I love owning original art and whenever I find a good site that offers a good proposition I love sharing it with you.  It is exciting to see that UGallery really does their part in democratizing the process of selling artwork by connecting artists directly with collectors.

What other new art sites do you like?  Have you discovered any new ones lately I need to know about?

[all photos by AC. Checkered Photograph c/o UGallery]


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  1. I love this work of art Albertina! The photography is so striking and looks great with your console and artful accessories!

    The Arts by Karena
    The Blink of an Eye

  2. I love the black and white theme you have going on around your television, and those horn trophies provide just the right dash of uniqueness to the arrangement. I also can’t recommend acrylic enough! I’ve had a couple of photographs ordered from galleries, and I find that acrylic provides an aesthetic that other materials just can’t compete with.

    Jeanmarie @ RVM


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