John Dickinson

August 02, 2012

My latest obsession is this African stool made by the late great John Dickinson. He was a San Francisco interior designer.  His furniture is idiosyncratic and amusing with very simple lines. They have become pretty pricy (in the tens of thousands), but with a little determination, some web searching, and a lot of patience, I think I can I think I can...
Here is the paw feet table in action.  This room is heaven.
This the living room of decorator Gwynn Griffith’s home in San Antonio, Texas (image).
  A similar and less expensive alternative is the Lola Accent table (available  at the Zhush for $500).


What do you think? Is it for you?  Do you think once of these might show up in an obscure state sale?

We also want to thank Amanda from {Re}cycled consign, and design for the bloglove yesterday!  Thanks for the awesome feature.  Check out her blog (here)- I promise you will be entertained (she is one funny gal), and fed plenty of eye candy throughout.  It also helps that she has such great taste.  

Happy Thursday!

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  1. I've seen these and I think the original is far more convincing!

  2. I like the idea of a little twist on a classic... Checking Amanda's blo

  3. So fabulous, thank you for sharing this design.



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