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October 12, 2012

Happy Friday!  It has been a busy but fun week.  I love those!  I have an interesting pattern play for you today.  All in a fall color palette, yum!  I love the mixed rich colors brightened by the lighter tan and white touches.  The clutch and shoes are not my typical taste but I'm really liking the bold patterns of both.  I would pair them with a simple button down white shirt and jeans.  How chic!  Now, as for that rug- well that would cozy up any room and of course cheetah is the new leopard, or was it zebra?!  No matter- cheetah is the new "in" hide so make sure you have some in your home asap to update any corner.  It really goes with everything.

 Are these things you would wear?  have in your home?  You know my answer to that...yes and yes.  I only blog about things I would get in a New York minute.

Any fun plans this weekend? I'm attending a small museum fundraising event and have dinner with friends on Saturday.  Oh and of course Little Miss A's soccer game at 8:30 on Saturday! Gotta love that scheduling huh?

[ rug , pillow , clutch , boots ]

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  1. I love that pillow and those boots are amazing! Have a great weekend!


  2. That rug is gorgeous! And those booties, BAM, how fantastic?!

  3. Digging the color pallette. And I always love anything leopard print - so fun!

  4. Love the rug and the clutch ♥
    Have a great weekend Albertina!!!

  5. Perfect looks for fall - love the leopard pillow!

  6. Oh, I love what you've put together here!


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