Chocolate Lovers Delight

I found an amazingly delicious flourless chocolate cake recipe. Its easy and tastes so sophisticated. My friends last weekend raved about it and wanted the recipe asap. Give it a try. The recipe is from here.

And here I am playing with my new 50 mm lens. Do you have any good chocolate cake recipes you'd like to share? Please!!


Jean Paul Gaultier loot

Better late than never.  My mom, daughter, and I finally went to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit this weekend at the Dallas Museum of Art.  It was amazing.  We had so much fun.  Little A, my four year-old daughter, thought it was fabulous.  She could not stop staring at the mannequins and trying to decipher the outrageous outfits ("Mommy, is that a monster?" referring to the houndstooth outfit below.)  Every piece was admirable.  We did; however,  have to rush through some of the bondage ensembles.
Here, pictured above was our loot: a coffee table book (mine) and a postcard with Gaultier's teddy bear (my daughter's).  The beyond amazing book has a great biography on the artist  and is filled with excellent interviews and photographs.  It was so interesting to read about what inspired him.  This teddy bear is the one who enjoyed the first conical bra ever, even before Madonna!!!!  Gaultier would experiment with his little Teddy by adding make-up, dying his hair...not sure I want to know more, but this is the reason why it looks like it does.  And, of course, for a four year-old it was kind of cool to see a teddy bear in a museum.

The exhibit had some eerie animated mannequins which brought the experience to an unexpected level.  I loved it and encourage anyone who hasn't seen it to go before it closes on February 12th. It was very nicely and thoughtfully put together.  The exhibit later travels to San Francisco, Madrid, Rotterdam, and Stockholm. 

Here are some photos of outfits that were in the exhibit.  All images by Patrice Stable/Jean Paul Gaultier found in this article  here.

From Fall/Winter 1991–1992. Taken at a 30th anniversary retrospective runway show back in 2006.
From the Les Indes galantes [Romantic India] collection, Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2000.
This corset was sported by Madonna during her Blond Ambition World Tour. Photographed for Dazed & Confused in April 2008.
From the Parisiennes collection, Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2010-2011.

That houndstooth outfit (first photo above) was from 1991/1992 and didn't Lady Gaga wear a similar outfit last summer by Ferragamo?  oh.....yes.....here it is!  Similar don't you think?


Oh and the navy and white stripes...sailor style is still going strong.  What do you think of Gaultier and how he has pushed the envelope in the fashion world? Do you like his aesthetic?

If these walls could talk...

Happy Monday!
Here is a little cheer for your Monday...

"If only I could do over my aunt's drawing-room, I know I should be a better woman."
So said Lily Bart, tragic heroine of Edith Wharton's 1905 novel The House of Mirth.

I am always drawn to dark walls. There is something so chic about them.
(It doesn't hurt that I am a color junky.)

Mario Buatta

My Design Chic
Julie Lloyd for J Miller Designs
William Christopher Designs

Mary McDonald


Can you guess what I'm currently reading?

Can you tell? Does the raven just give it away!? So, I have been rereading some of Edgar Allan Poe's short stories which are so good and scary! So intense! The last one I read was the Fall of the House of Usher. As I was reading, my mind's eye was picturing all this fabulous dark and masculine furniture. So I constructed this little room above. Doesn't that black chesterfield look yummy?! with the gold plated bronze feet. I think this type of golden feet is the inspiration behind the chairs/stools/tables with the gold dipped legs seen everywhere lately (like here). Anyway, isn't the skull cool? its actually an antique clock. The eyes rotate to tell the time. Freaky! Roderick Usher would definitely have one of those in his library, I think. But what I cannot live without is that lamb stool.

Oh, and if I were invited to an event at the Usher mansion, well, that is the dress I would wear. And I bet the cocktails served would be the dark and stormy.




I am so down with the whole green wall movement. Do you know about it? Planting up the sides of buildings. Very cool. The first one I remember seeing was several years ago when my husband and I stayed at the Pershing in Paris.
Pershing Hall Paris 

The movement has taken hold. Here are just a few of the ultra stud things out there.

Hotel du Département building, Hauts-de-Seine, France

mass studies seoul
Samyn & Partners

Gas Design Group For Louis Vuitton
That's what I call a greenhouse!


Take care of luxuries and the necessities will take care of themselves.
-Dorothy Parker

Nancy Corzine has been one of my favorite designers since the eighties. She epitomizes glamour. Don't you want to crawl up in this bed and read?
Nancy Corzine



I have always been good at concentrating. Until I had my little girl. Now it seems I can't keep two thoughts together. There are so many things battling for my attention: emails, calls, to-dos, things to fix, things to pick-up, meetings, and of course a little girl, Ms. A. I guess this comes with the multiple personas I fill: wife, mother, friend, playmate, school volunteer, event chair, director, daughter, cook, chauffeur.....you get it, you've been there/are there. So you can imagine when I saw this desk by GamFratesi for Ligne Roset in the New York Times last week.
Rewrite Workstation by GamFratesi for Ligne Roset via 3rings
Rewrite Workstation by GamFratesi for Ligne Roset via 3rings

Cool right?! It reminds me of when I was in high school and used to go the library to study. I used to get a little booth with little walls similar to the ones this desk has. Except those were straight. I love that this rewrite desk is like a cocoon. The top is fiberglass with foam and wool upholstery helping block some sound and making for an intimate working space. I would be so much more efficient with a desk like this! I know I would! You would feel isolated from the rest of the world. And that is a luxury.

I personally use the West Elm Parson's desk. I have 2 making a "L" shape. I love them, but this cocoon, well, it would be so neat! what kind of a work desk do you use?

Read more about the desk here.

P.S. This is Albertina....its signed Mimosa Lane....we are still working out all the kinks!



1. Feed 2 Pant in Olive. 2. Grey Dogs with Plaid Liner. 3. Game Day Chinos in Pink . 4. Flat Iron Slim and Straight.

Do you know about Bonobos yet? If not, you will. Suddenly they are everywhere. Every time I go to a new web page, there they are. Bonobos are mens' clothes for the conservative guy who wants a little edge added to the ho hum chino. They aren't those huge baggy khakis American men have been sporting for years, but they aren't so funky that you have to live in Amsterdam in an artists loft shooting photos of heroin skinny chicks to pull off.

I discovered them when our darling friend Emmy Brown started working with them. Together we outfitted Stefan (my betrothed) with them. He is a tough customer. Very snobby when it comes to his kit. They were a hit. Aside from the ones pictured above, here are other ones I love:

El Morado

Sky lights plaid liner

Did I mention that most of them are under $100? Pants aren't all they do. Check out the rest of the line here.


Pretty Little Things

As you get to know us you will start to understand our aesthetic. To give you an idea of where I am right now I made this little collage for you. I'm all about COLOR. Anyone that knows me and knows my home can vouch for that.

Patterns. Jane Churchill fabric via. Accesories. Anthropologie. Food. Sweetapolita. Color. Pinterest
Doesn't that cake look amazing! So decadent and just plain beautiful. Sorry I don't have the exact source for the COLOR photo (pinterest can be tricky sometimes) but the cute clutch is from Zara. They don't have it anymore. But there is a similar one here.

What kind of color combinations do you like? are you a color gal like me? or do you prefer neutrals? black and white?

You are invited!

You are invited to read our blog!! Welcome, welcome. Join us! If you are reading this you are AWESOME. Thank you for taking the time to visit with us. We are so excited to start sharing with you ideas, finds, tips and everything and anything we think you might like. Here is the official invitation from Julie and me:

(Invitation is of our own design)
We will love hearing from you. Please drop us a line. So sit, back, grab your cup of coffee or tea, and join us as we learn this business of blogging and offer you some little treasures along the way.

Why the name Mimosa? It's cheery and cozy yet interesting and different. Such a beautiful flower. Of course we were also thinking of the festive nature of the mimosa cocktail! Cheers everyone!
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