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Happy Thursday dear friends!  I'm very excited to be over at A Piece of Toast Blog for their "I wish I was wearing" series today.  In this series they ask a different blogger each week to put together an outfit and answer some fun style questions.   It is one of my favorite blogs where I find inspiration everyday.  They have the best ideas for blog posts.  If you are not familiar with A Piece of Toast you are in for a treat.  Its a lifestyle blog written by two real life sisters.  I have met them both and I cannot tell you what large hearts they have, and how sweet and beautiful they both are (model beautiful, seriously!).  Click on over and let the romance with APoT begin.

Are you curious to see what I wish I was wearing today?  or see who my favorite designer is? Take a peek here.

Thanks Molly and Sally for having me!  I feel like a movie star today with your feature :) I'm honored. xx


POP Art for the eyes

I was so excited to see these fun, summery sunglasses.  I immediately thought of Lichtenstein's pop art paintings.  I would feel I was in one of these comic strips while wearing them.  They are a little daring but very cool.  They have my attention.  What do you think? Yes? or Pass?

Sources: Ksubi sunglasses   Painting


Gift Ideas for Dad

Father's Day is around the corner.  I'm so happy because this year I get to spend it with my father.  I admire him so much.  With everyone's different schedules and the fact that we live in different cities sometimes it is difficult to coordinate,  so I'm thrilled we get to spend it together.  

Here is a list of some little goodies I think dads anywhere will love depending on their interests.  I hope there is something here for everyone. Mark your calendar, Sunday, June 17.

What kinds of things does your dad like?  Your husband?

1. Jack Black Grooming Set $49. 2. Sea Salt Soap $5.95. 3. New York Mouth Food Package $130 4. Cole Haan Belt $65 5. Cole Haan Scarf $58 6. Michael Bastian Bow-tie $165 7. Tool Set $95 8. NYT 36 Hours Travel Book $40 9. Backgammon Set $85 10. 50 Philophy Ideas $8.99


Happy Memorial Day

We hope you have a wonderful, happy, restful, and relaxing Memorial Day.


Desk as a bed side table

I can't tell you how much I love having a desk for a bed side table.  Its so convenient and practical.  I love writing in my journal here in the evenings and writing letters (Yes, I still do snail mail!).  My daughter loves to draw here sometimes as well.  And when I have gotten sick its nice to have a chair right there for your loved ones to come and visit with you. 

Can you guess which photo is of my bedroom?  Did all the cables beneath the desk give it away?  What do you think? Do you like the look? 
Happy Friday.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

via (1, 2, 3, 4 is mine)


Victoria Beckham"s Beautiful Spring 2012 Collection

Here are a few pieces from Victoria Beckham's Spring 2012 Collection.
Her clothes are so beautifully tailored and the fabrics are divine.
She has evolved into a true talent in the fashion industry. 
Go Posh!


Art to outfit- Easy Breezy

You know I love color and affordable art.  I love Britt Bass' work and especially this painting.  It served as the inspiration for this art to outfit post.  And now that its so hot here in Dallas (even at 7:30 am!) this dress seems dreamy in all categories (coolness, cuteness, and comfort!) 

1.  Brittany Bass Painting  2.   ASOS Vera Flatform Shoes  3. Madewell Dress (on sale!) 4. Chloe Belt 5. Ragmatazz Bag


Dorothy Draper

Dorothy Draper

Curio Cabinet
3 drawer chest
X bench

I love everything DD. Dorothy Draper was the one of designers who brought the Victorian era of dark, swirly, depressing design into the Glam era of the 30s and 40s. Her first big job was designing the Carlisle Hotel in New York, and she never looked back. In the past few years her furniture has caught on fire with the whole Hollywood regency craze. Boy am I glad. Want to add a touch of cool to any room? 
Just install a touch of Dorothy.


Chocolate Layer Cake

It was my husband's birthday this weekend.  And he loves cakes and chocolate.  So I outdid myself.  At least I feel like I did with this 14 layer (yes, count them!) chocolate cake.  I followed this recipe here from Bakerella. It took a while but it was a hit. Beware it has a lot of butter and powdered sugar...but you only celebrate one birthday a year!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Happy Monday!


Display to Appreciate

A good friend of mine gave me this Gucci scarf years ago.  It is a 16 inch square, so it is small. And honestly, once around the neck you can't tell what the design is.  My mom used to tell that it was so beautiful that I should frame it.  And now that I have been seeing so many framed scarves around I think I just might. 

If I find a couple more scarves with the same color palette I would love to do a little gallery like the one below.  I can't get this image out of my head.  I love it.

What about you?  Do you have any lovely vintage scarves you would like to display to appreciate more? 

Happy  Friday!  I Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Heads Up...

I am coveting again. I want this rams head in my living room... or my dining room... or my den...

I'll take it for any room.

Its from a company called Gold Leaf Design out of Chicago.
Every space should balance itself with soft, absorbent surfaces dotted with bots of zingy reflective surfaces. 

Wouldn't this just do the trick?

So deeply cool.


Bits and Pieces

a white t-shirt never looked so good
love this color combination
so simple and so chic
amazing fascinator

Dr. J's bowtie

My good friend's stylish shoes and linen pants

and don't you love his green pocket square?
three generations on Mother's day
my mom with the necklace that gets at least 5 compliments a day when worn (here)

I hope the bits and pieces you are experiencing so far this week are as colorful and as bright.  Remember, the trick is to crop and focus on the single spot of beauty.


The Ultimate Hammock

Home of Fabio Galeazzo, Sao Paulo
Our Hammock stayed out all winter and, yes, it rotted. I have been trying to find the perfect replacement. Must be sturdy, comfortable, good looking, and weather resistant. 
The Nestrest by Dedon certainly ticks all the boxes.
How cool is this thing?
I wonder if I have an extension cord long enough to plug my laptop in.  I may never come back inside.


Fabulous Friends- Cassandra MacGregor

We have been talking a lot about hats in this blog lately so I wanted to present to you the artist behind my new acquisition for my polo fundraiser.   Cassandra MacGregor is the milliner behind The House of MacGregor.  She is a wonderful hat maker and artist.  This is the second time I have had her create a fascinator for me and it is always such a fun and exciting experience.  Cassie is very talented and has impeccable taste.  Her craftsmanship is beautiful and her studio is so chic and fun.  I was so glad I had my camera with me to capture her works of art. While living in New York some years ago she took hat making classes and began working with a variety of hat makers. She has even worked with theatrical milliners on Broadway, fashion show hat suppliers, and couturiers, making hats on a custom basis.  Her work has been featured in W, Italian Vogue, and other regional magazines.  The fascinator above is what I wore this weekend (take a look a the beading!).

What can you not live without?
NPR, it keeps me company while I sew! 

What do you see as the next big trend?
I see cocktail hats continuing to get more popular and eccentric in their style.  I also think the Great Gatsby movie is going to bring a renewed interest in cloches and 20's headpieces.

What is your favorite place in the world?
The south of France.  I went their for a wedding a few years ago and came back a changed person!

What drives you crazy? Lack of confidence

What inspires you?
Meeting with my customers and coming up with new hat concepts with their input.

Here are some photos of her studio and creations.  She stenciled the wall herself!

All the above hat quotes are from Cassandra's website.  Aren't they fun?  Check out her website here.
There is something powerful in wearing hat.  For me, some sort of transformation occurs when I wear one, as if I were being elevated to a more sophisticated life...at least momentarily.
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