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October 09, 2014

I would love to own these red suede fringe shoes! Oh my! So fun, daring and sexy.  Of course, one could only wear them on a very sunny and clean day, otherwise I don't even want to picture the fringe!  Hmmm..... This table in that color is a must. Someone, please!  

The pendant is beautiful.  I love the textures of the handbag and its size.  It would be ideal for fall.  And sign-me up for the coffee table books.  I think the Forever Chic book would be perfect for a friend's birthday gift (hint, hint...mine is coming-up). The Dior Perfumes book would be great to have if only just for the cover. And the Parisian interiors book would be a treasure.

Back to the shoes!!  PLEASE!  Would you wear them? 

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  1. So much goodness here! I am a huge sucker for coffee table books so these are now on my radar!

  2. OK the fringe shoes are something I've never seen! I want to go dancing in them!

  3. It's all really beautiful, but those shoes are what first caught my eye! Incredible!

  4. I always love your style picks. Please get the shoes. That cocktail table is perfection.


  5. That bag is the cutest. But the fringe on those shoes, I'd get those dirty in five minutes flat.

  6. I love it all! That coffee table is A-mazing! Now....how could I get the husband on board?!

  7. LOVE!! I would definitely wear those shoes--but only indoors or I'd have to make someone carry me. I could have a room with just that bench and chandelier. Forever Chic looks like a great read! Happy weekend, Albertina!


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