Winner Fashion for Home Giveaway

A big congratulations to Maria Cristina for winning the $130 voucher from Fashion for Home Giveaway.  We are very excited for you and hope you enjoy whatever piece you decide on.  We used Random.org to randomly chose the winning participant.  

Thank you to all those who participated and a huge thank you to Fashion for Home for inviting to host such an exciting giveaway.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


Quotable Friday

I couldn't resist this photograph.  We need to get Julie's pugs (Betty and Olive) in a photoshoot with some diamonds like this :). They would love it.  Happy Friday everyone!


Fabulous Friends- Monika Knutsson

 This weekend we met the loveliest woman named Monika Knutsson. Originally from Sweden, Monika now lives in New York with her husband who is a professor at Columbia University.  After a very interesting career path (which included working for Isabel Marant) she has now embarked on jewellery design. Not just any old jewelery. She searches sources all over the world for the finest antique lace and turns them into gold. 

Monika lived in Paris for nine years. This is where her love affair with lace began. She searched the flea markets and brocantes for lace. Eventually she amassed a collection including pieces from France, England, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Germany, and Sweden. She then trained for a year to master the art of gilding in order to create these incredible works of art. 

Not only does she create jewellery, but beautiful sculptural tabletop creations  and objects to hang on walls as well.  The detail is amazing, and the pieces are very delicate and beautiful. 

Monika can do custom work where she often makes pieces for brides from their mother's veils or from the a detail from their dresses. This is a great way to preserve a dress that would otherwise sit in an attic and never be worn again.

Monika's creations can be seen at Fragments and American Two Shot, both in Soho. You may enjoy this little video by the Swedish newspaper Nordstjernan on a Gilded Lace exhibit at Charles Bank Gallery in Soho.

You can also go straight to her website here to see her jewelery.  Here are some of our favorites.

Here are some of her spectacular sculptural creations that, at the same time, provide the most delicate and wonderful shadows you can imagine.
Ernestine corset bra and the Erneste Girdle made from 1930's Calais lace.  These can be worn!
Eliza French Collar. It is made from Guipure lace from the early 1900s.
Jean et Louis Table Lamp. ethereal lamp is made from 1890s hand-embroidered laces- Luxeuil, Venice and Puy-en-Velay bobbin lace.
Here is Monika wearing her beautiful jewelry

Isn't everything so delicate and romantic?  Visit her website here for more of these treasures.

Don't forget to join the Fashion For Home give away. It ends today!!!


Green Again

Julie introduced me and I think some of you to living green walls in her post here.  There are some people good at spotting something cool before it becomes a trend and Julie is one of those people.  Now I'm seeing a big interest in incorporating green walls in interior design.
After her post I went to Malaga and took this photo below (posted about here) of a wall at a restaurant in the port. 
Ever since, I have become aware of any design that incorporates greenery.  Like this!  Isn't this stunning! Nature as art.
Then I learned about this:
evergreen panels composed of living lichen.  So basically, a base of fiberboard is covered with a 2-inch thick layer of reindeer moss which draws all the materials it needs to live from the air.  So it helps regulate humidity and the best part- it also promotes high quality accoustics- HELLO media room!....or any room....!

A company called Freund does this type of evergreen paneling.  I'm sure if you are handy and green-thumby you could figure out a way to do it yourself.

Also, don´t forget to enter the Fashion for Home giveaway here
**  Some photos were deleted from the original post because the source we got them from did not have a copyright for them.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sources:( 1 mine, 2, 3)


Fashion For Home Giveaway

Fashion For Home Give Away

Guess what lucky readers??!!...

You have the chance to win a $130 voucher to use at Fashion For Home!  We are so excited and honored about this giveaway.  What a great opportunity for one of our lucky readers to get this credit toward anything on their site.  Fasion for Home prides themselves on offering beautifully designed, high-quality and affordable furniture.  Is there any better combination?  

Above are our favorite picks.  Oooh that floor lamp (swoon)!

Check out all their sleek home furnishings with tres affordable price points here. 

To enter the giveaway leave a comment below with your name and email address and tell us which is your favorite piece (I know it will be difficult to chose) from Fashion for Home´s website.  Entries must be posted by this Thursday June 28. The winner will be chosen at random and announced this Saturday June 30!

Good luck, and happy nesting!

Winner of the giveaway will be contacted via email 


Meet-up with Sketch42

The first blog I ever read was Sketch42I fell in love with Nicole Cohen's art and blog right away.  She is a writer with a very strong voice and a very clear aesthetic, which is rare in today's blogging world where everyone's images and ideas seem to be similar.  Sketch42 stands out in the quality of its posts, the information she shares and her point of view.  And her art....well its just what I love- colorful and dynamic.

While I was in NY recently, I took advantage to visit with Nicole in her beautiful Upper East side apartment (see photos of her apartment here).  I took a couple of shots as I couldn't resist.
This is one of two new large scale paintings she made which recently added in her living room.  They are even more beautiful in person.
Of course, this round painting definitely makes a statement.  Cool right?  But you know what is even cooler?
the round painting with baby JoJo below it (who is the sweetest baby with the most stunning blue eyes you have ever seen!)
Here is a painting ready to be shipped to its new owner (who obviously has very good taste).
And here is a little shot of my husband's library with one of Nicole's paintings that I bought a while ago.  So you see, I'm speaking from the heart when I tell you I love her work.

It was so nice to visit with such a fun friend in such a beautiful apartment.  Thanks Nicole for your time!  You can visit her blog here and her gallery shop here.


Quotable Friday- Madness

Happy Friday!  For the next few weeks I hope to inspire you with some of my favorite quotes every Friday.  Doesn't this seem like a crazy, fun beach?  I hope you can escape this weekend.


Antik Batik

Antik Batik

All of these can be found at Antik Batik's web sight here,
If you prefer a sight in the US you can go here or here or here 


Fabulous Friends- Sara Lowery Ng

I'm thrilled to be introducing you all to Sara Lowery Ng from Noble House Designs. Sara's  designs are lovely, lively, and have a hint of tribal spirit.  I love, love, love her work. Welcome to Sara's bright and colorful world.   You already know that we only blog about things that we truly believe in, that we adore, and that inspire us....and well, Sara is one of these ladies.  Her creativity is astonishing and her taste is uniquely impeccable. Julie and I are both owners of some of her pieces, and so is my mom and some of our friends.  I kid you not when I tell you that whenever I wear one of her necklaces I get compliments all day from strangers. My mom tells me the same thing happens to her.   It was only natural that we do a 'Fabulous Friends' feature on Sara and her vibrant designs.

What can you not live without? 
My husband and little fur babies, Charlie & Zoe.  I love animals and feel so lucky to have them in my life.  They make our house a home.  

What is your favorite place in the world?  
Hard to choose!   I love anywhere exotic and off of the beaten path.  My favorite place in the world is Hong Kong.  Its a city with a rich history, fantastic shopping, wonderful views/city sites and great food.  
What drives you crazy?  
so many things!  But keeping my jewelry studio organized and/or the agony of not having my house completely decorated. 

How would you describe your personal style?  
Preppy & Tribal with a dash of 1970s glam! 
What inspires you?  
Creative, passionate people, beautiful houses, fashion/interior Design magazines & books, traveling the world and vibrant color.

Here are some photos of our favorite pieces. Enjoy!!

I hope after seeing these photos you are inspired to be bold and vivacious today.  

Are you drooling over these beauties yet?  Check out her website here.


Roped In

Roped in

Nothing says summer at the beach like rope accents. I love all of these. I can almost smell the ocean! 
Which is your fave? 



I wish I looked like this while traveling- so cute and romantic.  Fact is I'm dressed for combat comfort not for looks and my bags are not half as cute as these minty ones.  You can see what my travel essentials are here. Plus I will have my four and a half year old on a very long flight.  I have my posts all scheduled and ready to go...I will be checking in here and there but hopefully you won't know I'm even gone.  In the meantime, pretend I look like this at the airport :)


Fred Flare

Fred Flare

I have been searching for the perfect pair of heavy tortoise shell shades. I couldn't find anything I liked for less than a few hundred dollars. Last night I was searching around, and I struck gold. Twelve bucks!
Do you know about Fred Flare?


NYC- Photo Journal

We went to NYC for a little work and a little play.  We got to interview some very interesting people, which we will be posting about next week.  Here are some photos of what caught our attention. Gosh, NYC is fabulous!

We start off with some colorful street art
Street art in the making (see the painter in the ladder?)
I'm loving this photograph.  I might blow it up and frame it. what do you think? 
I love the street vendors all over the city
Beautiful embroidery
The in-store displays are always fabulous.  I love this sculpture
We saw tons of framed butterflies (you can get them at Evolution).  This is a cool store if you like taxidermy
It was the Puerto Rican Parade on Sunday.  The city was wild. The cars and even the ladies were pimped up
 Impromptu chess game in the middle of Broadway
Pretty doors are always a treat
Tired feet from a lot of walking-  the only way to truly enjoy the city in my opinion
Street style to the max.  Needless to say he was not very nice. He is probably living his own version of 50 Shades of Grey, no?
Another man rockin his red vest. I love the back
The High-Line.  UP is the future of parks in big cities, in my opinion. I bet we will start seeing more and more of these. Love this ad
This is a decal not an actual person.  Funny!
Julie blogged about something similar here.  If you want to be on trend you can buy wings for your sneakers on etsy here for a similar look
Some random shots of the city
Loved this quote I got in my chamomile tea

Any fun trips planned this summer? I can't wait to go back to New York.  I can't get enough of it.
Happy Thursday everyone!

(All photos by yours truly, Albertina Cisneros)
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