Friday Fashion Fix

Happy Friday!  Here is some fall fashion inspiration to start-off your weekend.  I cherish the fact that fall fashion has such richness in texture.  I love me a good brocade and a good tweed.  Black, of course, always works wonders, and layering is just too much fun.  


I like them curvy

I'm fixated on round or curved sofas lately.  I think they make for an interesting and different living space.  In my opinion they make a statement all by themselves, plus they would seem to encourage conversation among guests.  Plus they have a cozy feel.  Do you agree?


Fabulous Friends- marian lefeld

Marian Lefeld is an extremely talented artist and the subject for this edition of our Fabulous Friends Series where we feature talented, interesting, and successful friends from the community.  Marian has been formalizing her love of art for the last ten years and is now completing her Master of Fine Arts in Painting at Southern Methodist University to which she received a full scholarship.  She has received many prestigious awards including the New York City Colloquium SMU Award in 2009, 2012, and 2013, the Bobby Zelle Memorial Award in 2009, and the Meadows Exploration Award in 2008 among many others.  Her work has been exhibited in various galleries in Texas as well as in The Netherlands, Venezuela, and Argentina.  But enough with the credentials (you can see her full resume and artist statement in her website here), I just wanted you all to see how hard working and objectively talented she is.


Luxe Lusting- Mainly black

I get the feeling this is going to be one of those weeks. Ugh!  Maybe the beginning of October is going to better.  But I am not going to run away and hide in a hole (but oh I wish I could).  Nope, I want to share with you these exciting pieces.  I had never before seen this ghost piece by Starck.  It would be a perfect bedside table.  And the greek key box is an instant classic.  That would be ideal anywhere in your home.  And if you want some luxury for yourself, these high heels blew me away.  They are futuristic and seem really comfortable.  And that little clutch is just the right amount of shiny and whimsical elegance to dress up any evening ensemble.


Some Monday Morning Design Inspiration

 Welcome to Monday!  I'm exhausted.  It was a very hectic weekend with non-stop activities from soccer games (little Miss A. scored her second goal of the season! to seeing Damien Hirst's St. Sebastian.  Wao was this piece powerful. This is the St. Sebastian I am used to seeing)  So you can see my weekend was very varied.  So for this Monday morning I just offer you some images that have been inspiring me lately.  First off, loving the effect of several small tables to replace the singular coffee table.  Also the large pedestals flanking the sofa are fabulous.  This is an easy way to add drama, fill a space, and add height to a room.


DIY- Word Art

Here is a quick DIY I worked on last weekend.  Cute for a kid's room or playroom or even cute for an office.  My inspiration was from I Suwannee's post here.  My daughter loves it and I find it is a great little addition to her play area.  How cute would a chinoiserie one be with a blue and white background? or a glam dark paper with glittery gold letters?  hhhm....I might just have to have a go another version of this project.  It was so fun and easy.  

I used these letters and a paper very similar to this one and one of the frames from Jo-Ann's.  Ta-Da!!! A perfect work of art!

Thank you all for your sweet words of encouragement.  I'm thrilled for this new chapter :)

Happy Friday!

(Photos by AMC for Mimosa Lane)

The State of Mimosa Lane

Julie and I began this blog in mid January for the love of beautiful things, great design, and chic style.  As you read on Julie's last post this past Wednesday she is leaving Mimosa Lane to tend to her thriving interior design business and her beautiful family.  I will miss her terribly but know she will join us here and again for some fun guest posts.  Thank you Julie for your support, enthusiasm, inspiration and most of all your friendship.

So I hope you all don't mind sticking around with me!!  This blog is nothing without its readers and I am so thankful and appreciative of all of you.  Thank you for checking in, for commenting, for your encouragement and enthusiasm.  Here is to a bright and stylish future for Mimosa Lane! Cheers!!


My favorite Things- Tiffany Leigh Interior Design - A Blogger series

I'm so excited because today we have our first guest blogger in the series a Few of My Favorite Things!  And to begin the series with a bang we have the adorable Tiffany showcasing her faves.  You see that greek key bench? she DIYed it....such a clever girl.  Without further ado.....

Hello Everyone! My name is Tiffany and I blog over at Tiffany Leigh Interior Design where I share my journey as an interior design student living in Toronto. I'm so excited to be here at Mimosa Lane today sharing a few of my favorite things.

Of course, the best things in life are free and include my family, the bf, my cat Smokey and God. But I just moved into my new apartment in Toronto with only my belongings to keep me company, so lets indulge in a little frivolity, shall we?


Color with Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie Affair 3

Well, with autumn coming into full swing its time to turn our palates to the earth tones. The only problem is... I can't do it just yet. I am bringing it into our home a little at a time. I have a problem (like many of you) with the constant need for change, flux if you will, in my home's design. Its a condition I have lived with since I was in grade school constantly rearranging my doll house. I was constantly changing the furniture from one room to the other, to suit my appetite for perfection within a living space. The problem (or the gift) is that there is no one perfect scenario for any space. Some come close, but there is always some little tweak that will add some little extra bonus. 


Three Design beauties

First off- WAO!  This kitchen stopped me in my tracks.  Heavenly Brass!  It is designed by Tom Dixon of course! (and you all know the crush we have on his lamps here). 


Fall Must haves (part II) High/Low

Happy Monday!  We finally had cooler weather here in Dallas this weekend, which was so exciting.  This change in weather got me thinking of some other fall must haves and so I gathered some high and low options for you. 


Happy Friday and Guest Post

Happy Friday!  We made it through yet another week.  I'm so excited to be guest blogging over at Tiffany Leigh's Interior Design Blog.  The post is about one of my favorite pieces of furniture (that I own!).  Want to know what it is? click on over to Tiffany's blog to find out.

Aside from wanting to share with you my favorite piece of furniture I also wanted to share a few links with you.


Decadence by way of Chair- Philippe Hiquily

I discovered this chair recently and I cannot get it out of my mind.  Such decadence of shape and materials in a single object.  It is pure beauty.  It was designed by Philippe Hiquily a french sculptor born in 1925.  He began designing furniture in the 60s, and I'm so glad he did.  All his work has some erotic undertones- can't you tell?  they are sexy indeed.


Art to Outfit- Dinner for two

I have fallen in love with the art of Becca Stadlander.  Her prints are magnificent and very delicate and even fierce, I mean look at this tiger.  So this bengal tiger is the inspiration for today's post which includes, green, black and pops of gold and red. ROAR!!  I can't get over these shoes and this cute clutch that is oh so versatile. What do you think? (And yes, I realize the clutch is a leopard print and and not a tiger print but I was going for the animal theme.)

The print is from here.  And you can see the outfit pieces here:


Good Hunting at Brimfield

Good Hunting at Brimfield

Well, its been a while since I posted, and I have missed you all.
 I have been out at
  About an hour outside of Boston, it's considered the mecca of the antique junky. Three times a year dealers from all over the world descend. Ralph, J Crew, Martha all have scouts out.
My life long friend Hudson (big cheese at Wisteria) and I went scouting. We have gone through more fields through the years than I can count. When Stefan and I lived in England, Hudson would come over on business and we would go out into the rainy country side and all over England chasing the perfect things. It was good to get back together again just like the old days.


Paper Picks

I have been collecting a few prints from one of my favorite online stores, Etsy.  I am working on a little gallery wall for my daughter's room. Here are my latest acquisitions.  They are from The Pink Pagoda who has the cutest Chinoserie prints in the most beautiful colors.  Here at Mimosa Lane we are big fans of Jennifer's work (her blog by the same name here is also one of our daily must reads). You may remember the post where we Julie displayed her new Pink Pagoda Prints? Check it out here.  So aside from this print above I also got this one:


Weekend Musings and the best Salad recipe ever

We had the perfect weather this weekend.  Beautiful skies and cooler temperatures. We were able to have lunch outside for the first time in a long time. Little Miss A loves ice cream and so we always have some on hand as well as a fantastic selection of sprinkles.  Because who wants ice cream without sprinkles?  And she loves Hello Kitty as well.  She prepared this beautiful vignette for me to photograph. And if you love a good salad you NEED this recipe.


Mad for Plaid with some gingham mixed in

I have been pinning a lot of plaid and gingham lately.  I think interest is on the rise for these and I find myself craving it. I am especially loving the rooms with plaid walls because they are so rich and cozy.  One should always have the one really cozy room in the house.  I think for us the library is the cozy spot.  And boy would it be even cozier with some of these fabrics.  Maybe its because I lived in New England for so many years but this style works for me and I want to incorporate it into my home somehow in some way.


My Favorite Things- A New Blogger series

Today we inaugurate a new series here on Mimosa Lane called My Favorite Things.  Yay! (cue in the confetti!) We will be inviting different blogger friends to share with us a few of their favorite things, all within one photo that includes themselves.  We are so, so excited!  We thought it would be great way to get to know other fellow bloggers.  This way we can get a glimpse into their homes, their personal style, and any little treasures with sentimental value they may want to share with us.  My goal is that through this little experiment we can get a peek into the real make-up of other bloggers and get a sense for what truly excites them and what inspires them.


These windows please

I'm crazy in love with these windows made of steel.  Aren't they gorgeous!  My next home will have some like this.  I know they make them in wood too which is a less expensive option.  I need to investigate further though (I will keep you posted).  I was looking online and found that Torrance Steel Window Company makes some like the ones you see in above. Their website, under residential, has amazing photographs of their work, if you want more ideas.  


Fall Must Haves- High/Low

Here is my list for some of fall's must-haves.  I love plaid and always will, it is so comfortable and cozy.  I never got this kind of bootie last fall so I really want to try some on this time around.  I think they look adorable with jeans, well at least on other people. 


Happy Labor Day- Thankful for Summer

Even though summer is not officially over, Labor Day usually marks the beginning of fall in the hearts of many of us.  It means going back to school, back to the routine, and soon enough when the time changes, our days will be shorter and holidays will start to roll in.  This Labor Day I am thankful for a wonderful summer.  A summer filled with such special moments and experiences, good friends, and care-free moments.  
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