My favorite Things || Holly and Trisha from We Heart Home

Hi cuties.  Its the last day of January! Can you believe it?  Time just goes by faster and faster every day. Insane!  I'm so happy to introduce you to Holly and Trisha from We Heart Home, a wonderful blog dedicated to interior design brimming to the top with great features.  Holly is originally from Montreal, Trisha from London. They now both live in Berlin and work at Fashion For Home (which is where they met). Together, they started this home design blog. You can read more tidbits about them here .  

And now for their favorite things:

Holly’s favourite  (oh the British spelling! gotta love it) things:

1 || My favorite machine.  My La Pavoni espresso machine. I love coffee. I use this beauty every day, she never lets me down.

2 || My favorite brand. My Apple stuff. Whether we’re talking about my Macbook, iPhone or Apple tv – these products make my life easier and more productive, which is why I love them so. And of course, they just look so good – minimal, functional. Just right.

3|| My favorite shoes. My red Birkenstocks.  These are my house shoes and they’re red, which is also my favourite colour (double whammy with this one). And yes, I wear them with socks! When in Germany…  ;)  They are the first things to touch my feet in the morning, I change into them as soon as I get home from anywhere, and they are the last things to come off before bed. We’re pretty tight, we spend a lot of time together.

Trisha’s favourite things:

1 || My favorite make-up.  ELF 100 eyeshadow palette – A while ago, when I was still a student I worked in an extremely dull office job, where I spent the majority of my time on Youtube. This was the glorious period in which I discovered the make-up tutorial and my love affair with makeup has continued ever since! This palette is my best buy ever!

2 || My favorite book.  Cox Cookies & Cake – Fashion and baking are two of my favourite past times, so when pastry chef Eric Lanlard and Shoe designer Patrick Cox joined forces to make this designer baking book… I was ecstatic! Highly recommend it.

3 || Favorite garment.  Faux Fur Leopard print coat – My mum bought me this coat last Christmas, and it is so glamorous just like her. I feel like wearing it gives me a bit of her joie de vivre. 

Thanks ladies!  What a fun assortment!  I can't get over the eye shadow palette.  I need a make-up lesson btw.  Visit their blog here, you will be happy you did.


Luxe Lusting || Red-ish loves

How are you all holding up?  Yikes, I'm having a busy week, but its definitely a good one.  Hope yours is too. Alrightie, let's get to it - Red-ish.....Well, the color here is almost red yet a little off, right? There seems to be a tad of orange on these or maybe we should just call it burnt orange?  Anyhoot, I am in love with all these beautiful and expensive things (which reminds me I was thinking of alternating this series with a similar one called Affordable Adorations featuring more affordable items, yes? Let me know if you agree).  Sorry, back to the topic at hand.


Latest Etsy Favorites || Additions

I love etsy.  I love finding out about new stores and great products and adding them to my favorites.  Friends always ask me how I find them, and really its usually through other blogs. I thought I would share my latest finds with you.

First off, how beautiful is this metallic tote?  It fits everything and goes with anything.  It doesn't get better than that. here.


Lighting obsession || Stray Dog Designs

Happy Monday!!  I trust all your weekends were fabulous.  Mine really was so much fun.  The combination of weddings and good friends really is special.  But I am glad to be back home where the temperature is much warmer.  So, to set you off right this Monday morning I want to share with you my latest lighting obsession. 


Brrrrr It's cold outside

Can I tell you how cold I am?  We are in Boston for a friend's wedding and boy is it chilly here.  So happy though to be in one of the cities I love so much with my husband (yes, mini-honeymoon) and my good high school friends.  So there will be dancing, drinking and of course plenty of gossiping and reminiscing.  

Happy weekend friends!


My Favorite Things || Elizabeth from The Now Stylebook

Welcome!! Happy Thursday friends.  I'm so happy to present Elizabeth from The Now Stylebook in today's My Favorite Things series.  I'm in love with Elizabeth's style and humor behind the blog she pens.  And you know the best part of all?  She lives in Dallas.  She is one of the few blogger friends I have met in real life. So yes, she is extra special in my book.  Here she shares with us her favorite things ( they include a Moroccan wedding wedding blanket! so you its going to be good).


Luxe Lusting || Many shades of Grey

For those of you regular readers you know about my love affair with grey lately (if you don't take a look at what kind of floors I'm lusting after here) so it will come as no surprise that I am also lusting after grey accessories for myself and my home.  This draper cocktail table is really perfect for any corner of your home.  Make it two and you have yourself the perfect coffee table pairing.  The grey ostrich is just too good.  And no matter the color palette of your home a smokey grey gourd lamp always blends right in.  Loving its grey lampshade as well.


Inspiration gathered and noted || A learning tour || Lavendale Home

When we visit friend's homes its usually for a party, a dinner, a function, to, pick-up or drop-off.  We get a general sense of the space, whether we like it or not but if you stop and think back there are many details you can't recall about it.  Why did I like her home so much?  It's really when you have it in your head to really analyze a space that you can understand why you like it or dislike it in some cases.  Same thing happens when I look at interior decor magazines.  I may love a room immediately, but is usually after some analysis that I realize why I like it (maybe its because of the color palette chosen, or because of the combination of textures.....).  In this post I will try and identify different sources of inspiration that caught my attention and that I would like to file away as a lesson learned for any future decorating or designing projects....if anything to make my own home more beautiful.


Currently Coveting || Juniper Book Sets

Bibliophiles rejoice! Last night I was browsing through One Kings Lane's line-up of Valentine's Day gifts and came across these magnificent book sets from Juniper Books.  These sets of great novels and classics have custom dust jackets precisely fitted to each book to adorn your bookshelves with the titles and authors integrated into each letter.  Juniper covers classics in this imaginative and quirky style so you can show them off on your bookshelves.  So for example, this set above contains Pride & Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, Oliver Twist, Madame Bovary, Kim, Sons and Lovers, Gulliver's Travels, and The House of Mirth. (YUM!  this is 4 out of 8 for me. You?)


Gold Flatware and Happy Friday

Happy Friday!  I do love Fridays!  I'm looking forward to seeing friends, going to beautiful kid birthday parties, and relaxing at home with my family. 

As you can probably guess by the photos above this happened.  Its funny because I am not an impulse shopper at all.  I usually take my time, think things through and usually end up not buying what I thought I wanted. And this last Wednesday in a matter of seconds I got two sets of this gold flatware set so fast I barely know what was happening.  I could not be happier.  I think these gold pieces will make my tablescapes so much more fun and varied. (By the way I'm mesmerized by that leaf napkin ring.  Fabulous. It is from here).  Here is another option for gold flatware from West Elm.


Clothing Scoop || Best (Warm) Coat Ever - Moncler

Are you in love yet? I cannot express my desire for one of these super warm, chic, and cozy coats.  Its rare when a coat can get you this excited.  Usually this kind of fascination is just reserved for handbags, shoes, and maybe even some dresses (oh and of course a Lindsey Adelman chandelier).  Moncler is the brand behind these beauties.  


Luxe Lusting || Not that Mellow Yellow

Happy Wednesday! How are you surviving the week?  It has been gloomy here (you know rainy and even a little snowy).  I'm not complaining, I actually love this cold front we are having but it has gotten me thinking about the bright sunny days of spring (that and the fact that I just bought our tickets for a beach getaway in the Spring).  So, here are some fabulous yellow beauties to brighten your day.  


Wallpaper || What is your powder bath personality?

The powder bathroom to me is one of the most important rooms in a home.  It is the room where you can let lose and add adventurous and unexpected elements.  The powder bath is where I always like to have an element of surprise.  My previous powder bathroom had red/deep pink high-gloss walls and ceiling.  Friends were quite shocked when they opened the door from the unassuming hallway to this little gem of a room.  Now, I have high-gloss turquoise....also fun but not as dramatic.  My next powder bath will be showing off its personality through its wallpaper for sure.  

There are so many beautiful wallpaper options out there waiting to be used in creative ways.....I'm wondering what kind of a powder room personality would you have? Wallpaper is fun, adds drama, and can definitely make a statement.


Gift Scoop || Anya Hindmarch Bespoke Valentine's Day gifts

I know Valentine's is still far-off......but I just had to tell you about these Anya Hindmach bespoke gifts for Valentine's Day since to ensure delivery they have to be ordered by January 18th.  They are too perfect, too cute, and too special - I just had to tell you about them asap.  So, basically you can send them a little doodle, or note and they will emboss it in the item you like best.  They can even work with an old photo of you and your lovebird.


Some recipes

Happy Friday! Yeay! I love Fridays.  I think everyone does.  I wanted to share with you these easy to make and delicious madeleines.  You will need the pan to make the shape, but other than that they just have your basic ingredients you usually have on hand.  I have this pan.  Its a good investment once you try them you its easy to get hooked.


Currently Coveting || Servane Gaxotte Doll Charms

Welcome to the whimsical world of Servane Gaxotte charm dolls.  Are you intrigued?  I was first introduced to these by one of my good friends who was gifted one of these angels for Christmas.  Originally she lost me at "doll necklace" but then she started describing the insane, high fashion outfits they wore and how all these women are addicted to collecting them.  So naturally, I had to learn more.  Servane Gaxotte is a Parisian jewelry designer with a store in St. Germain.  She began her charm doll collection in 1996 during her pregnancy.  The line follows the fantastic adventures of a little doll called Rose alongside her little animal friends.   After some investigating and getting a peek into the designer's world, I was hooked.


The Turban || I want it to trend

They are chic and exciting..... and yes difficult to wear, I know.  They come in and out of the fashion scene.  Different designers have featured them in their collections throughout  the years.  And the trend never really has stuck, but I have a feeling we will start seeing more of it.  We tend to look to the past for inspiration in interior design, art, and fashion, striving to take something old and make it new and relevant again.  I think the turban could make a revival?  I loved when Mrs. Lilien did a lovely post about them some weeks ago.   Honestly, I would wear one.


Kitchens || Mirror Tiles

One of the design trends I'm noting and absolutely loving is the move from regular looking kitchen's to GLAM ones....and by this I mean kitchens that may not at first view look like a kitchen.  They are sleeker, shinier, and yes more glamorous. And what screens 'glamour' ....why mirrors of course!!....and even though I have seen mirrors in kitchens pop up in years past I think there is renewed interest.  Mirrored tiles my friends- this is today's take away. Love it, dig it, need it!


Luxe Lusting || Gold Accents

Happy chic Monday!!  Here are some sparkly, clean, and crisp beauties to start you off right this week.  I'm in love with this table lamp.  What desk would not benefit from this little sculpture?  Pure perfection.  And these gold rimmed plates?  How perfect are these plates that you can mix and match with your existing china.....and like the little black dress....you can dress them up or down.


DIY || Sequins and Stripes T-shirt

That cute striped t-shirt with a silver star up there is from Target.  My daughter has been obsessing over it non-stop since she saw her friends wearing it.  She would not stop talking about it and its totally sold out everywhere. (Yes, even five-year old girls have clothing obsessions and lusts.  They actually start even earlier).  She has different versions of this type of t-shirt from Crewcuts with hearts and bows so we were doing alright in the sequins department, but she really, really needed to have a STAR on top of some STRIPES.  What is a mama to do!!  DIY it of course!!


Grey Matter

Not sure what it is but my husband and I are obsessed with grey as of late. Ever since I showed him this photo he wants his library lacquered in grey and we even thought grey floors would be divine.  Maybe its because our home now is so colorful and we need a more muted palette in our next digs.  I have enjoyed every pop of color, every wild wall color, and cushions in fun flashy colors but when I daydream of my next home I imagine it all grey variations.  

Grey is such an elegant yet warm color.  It feels cozy and relaxed yet keeps things a little formal formal.  Yup, so grey floors are my latest obsession.  (it was difficult to find good images with the grey I have in mind....the first three are the best examples, of course they are from the same spread!)


DIY || Lindsey Adelman Chandelier

Ok! Back to regular programming here on Mimosa Lane!  And to start off the year with a BANG i have this DIY chandelier.  I still cannot believe I constructed a chandy all by myself! I mean I stripped wires, wired sockets....things I had no idea about.  A while back I posted on my love of Lindsey Adelman's chandeliers.  Here are some photos so you can remember what I'm taking about:

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