Over and Over

Loving these over the top, very rococo photos.  This S/S 2013 collection is by designers Meadham and Kirchhoff with jewelry by Lilien Czech.  Decadent! And boy am I in love with all those baubles.


Coat of Arms

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Thank you, thank you all yesterday for your support, encouragement and enthusiasm.  You have no idea how much it means to me!  I will keep you posted as to how the little venture goes.  

Today I want to talk about Coat of Arms and how elegant and sophisticated they are.  I love them now and believe it or not I have been in love them since I was maybe 13?  Around that age I got my first blazer (you know the kind with gold buttons) and all I could think about was getting ahold of a coat of arms to put in the breast pocket.  It took a while to find the right one, but wao I felt so cool and yes sophisticated.  I love how meaningful they are with every little detail in the rendering representing something specific to a family, person or region. 


The launch of THE Mimosa Lane SHOP

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Ok....here is the BIG news-  I opened up a little corner of happy, happy yuminess in the Etsy universe.  Let's call this a test run and see how it goes.  Everything is my design, even the fabrics.  I hope you like what you see. To start off, some street style......


Gift Guide 4 || Gifts Under $20

These little gifties are perfect for that sweet friend, co-worker, client, or assistant in your list.  All goodies under $20. Go!


Gift Guide 3 || for the Fashionista

I'm really excited about this gift guide for you all today.  I scoured the web high and low for some unique items.  Some I have been coveting from afar for a while (like the red and pink scarf ( No. 11) and the YSL ring (No. 9)- my friend owns 2!), some were recent finds like both tops that just seem like the chicest most wearable things ever, and some I actually own like the Swarovski crystal bracelet (some cute friends gave it to me for my birthday)......this guide is for your sister, your mama, your friend, your aunt.... even yourself!!


The Day after Thanksgiving

How quickly good things come to an end!  I hope you all had beautiful celebrations yesterday.  Our was really lovely.  We had tons of champagne and wine and the food was amazing.  Every single dish was divine.  And the best part was being surrounded by loved ones.  This was our Thanksgiving table.  I grabbed some olive branches from our tree and spray painted them gold to fill in the table since we were using place-mats instead of a tablecloth.   The turkey place cards added an element of fun.  My camera's battery died so I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked. 


Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!  Everyone in my family is healthy this year and this is what I'm most thankful for because without health you really don't have anything.  What are you most thankful for?

Little Miss A. and I have been busy prepping yesterday.  We did the placecards and the filling and cake parts of this dessert (Yes it has three parts!) and this morning we will work on the meringue and assembly as well as do the butternut side dish I'm completely obsessed with I have blogged about before.  My mom does the turkey and her famous pecan pie. So, yes its gonna be DELISH!  I will post photos on Friday and I will continue with some gift guides and posts on interiors so you don't get too bored in case your Holiday shopping is all done.

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday!!! xx

[image |  Joe Nye tablescape via Sketch 42]


Gift Guide 2 || Gifts for the Little ones

Sweet gifts for all the little ones in your life.  I won't venture into the wants and needs of "tweens" and teens here....its much too complicated instead I'm sticking to ages zero through 8- maybe? And kickin it with old school kind of toys.


Gift Guide 1 || Gifts for the Home

Happy Thanksgiving week!!  Sorry for the lack of post yesterday.  Little Miss A. is out of school so sometimes  it gets crazier around the house and time seems to move faster than usual.  For the first gift guide I rounded up some gifts that I think anyone would love for their home.  Let's do the run down.


DIY- Mongolian Lamb Stool || from Preciously Me

I interrupt your regular weekend programming to showcase my good friend Nadia's, from Preciously Me, ahhhhhmazing and so easy DIY Mongolian Lamb Wool Stool.   I was so excited about this easy and beautiful DIY I ran to Ikea this morning only to find the stool is sold out.  I really want to try this.  You in?  Visit Nadia's blog for step by step directions.  If you want to know more about the talented Nadia see her favorite things here.

[image via Preciously Me]


A Meandering Mind

Yes please!  Breakfast in bed surrounded by all these beautiful prints and fresh red roses? Sign me up!  I'm so happy the weekend is here.  This is my favorite part of the year without a doubt with crisper temperatures, happy celebrations and get-togethers, more warm soups for dinner, holiday cheer....but it also feels like a bit of a sprint to do a million of things before the end of the year.


My Favorite Things || Dana from Caviar Dreams

Happy, happy Thursday!!  Can you believe in a week we will be eating Turkey?!!  So excited :)  I'm also really excited today to present Dana from Caviar Dreams to share with us her favorite things.  It is such a treat to read her blog because of her wonderful writing and the interesting topics she puts forth for discussion.  I feel like I am enriched when I read her posts and I love that.  Here is the wonderful Dana:


Matchy Matchy

Mixing and matching all kinds of fabrics and prints is in vogue, no doubt.  We have beautiful ideas from Jamie Meares (I'm specifically thinking of something like this) and Emily Henderson (who made some awesome tutorials of the best way to mix here).  I highly admire these two ladies and their fabulous style.  But I think the pendulum might start swinging back to the other direction- the "matchy, matchy" direction where you have walls, curtains, furniture, pillows all covered with the same fabric. I'm not sure, but as people struggle to get a unique look for their home they will tend to move in the opposite direction of what is currently trending.  Just a theory.


DIY || One Can Two Ways

There is nothing that I love more than a quick and easy DIY.  We had a couple of tin cans lying around, so of course I felt they needed immediate gold spray paint attention (you know me and my gold spray paint obsession- Trinket DIY, Animal Jar DIY).  First, I primed both cans (you probably don't have to) and then when dry I added the gold spray paint.  I felt it still looked too "canny" so decided to add some orange, which would go perfectly in my orange and green office.  Using painter's tape I added a bit orange! And Voila! A simple yet very decorative object.


Luxe Lusting || Coral, Green, and Gold

Happy Monday!  I can't believe we have one more weekend before Thanksgiving break (can you tell I have a child and go by the school vacations?).  To start off this cold Monday morning (we are in the 30s here in Dallas this morning) I have some little eye candy for you and some for the home with a coral, green, and gold color scheme.  It was all inspired by these amazing earrings that actually have a really surprising price (they are $100) compared to what I would have expected.  You can dress them up or down.  And what about that malachite box??!!  I made my own here which I love, but I really wish I had a real one like the one above. Yummy!!


Friday | Kid Art, Happy Feet and ramblings

Happy Friday!!  Ok, it is scary how quickly November is passing by.  Thanksgiving is almost here, my most favorite holiday of the year.  Little Miss A. actually came up with this cute and easy DIY art after she saw a cute birthday I received.  She grabbed some heart stickers and some rhinestone stickers to make this precious ice cream cone. It looks beautiful in her night table against the Pink Pagoda Print I love pink and red together.


My Favorite Things | Lindsay from Sadie + Stella

Yeay!  I have Lindsay from Sadie + Stella here today for you!!  I'm so excited about her favorite things.  Her interior designing skills are dynamite, she is one of the best pinners I know (seriously she has been voted as such with almost 8,000 followers) and has just one of the best blogging voices out there.  She is one sweet and charismatic lady with the cutest pups ever. With the utmost excitement I present Lindsay-


On the radar || Jaboneria Marianella

Holiday gift guides watch out!!  I bet these soaps are going to make the top of everyone's wish list this season.  On the radar today we have Jabonería Marianella, makers of delicate and luxurious soaps.  Best kept secret? For us Dallas locals it has been our little secret for the past few years as they are sold in one of the chicest boutiques in town, Stanley Korshak, where Jabonería Marianella had its start.  But this best kept secret is now coming out as one of our dear-to-our-hearts brand, J.Crew, is launching three co-branded soaps with them starting this month.  You know J.Crew knows a good thing when they see it (or smell it and touch it in this case).  With its elegant packaging, colorful exterior, divine scents and a lather that will leave you singing in your shower Jabonería Marianella is taking the leap from mother and son home-based start-up to global distribution and I couldn't be more excited for this dynamic duo. 


Shiny happy People

My love affair with rhinestone necklaces began this Halloween believe it or not.  We went to an 80s party so of course rhinestone accessories were a must.  I bought two cheap and awesome pieces at Forever21 and have been using them non-stop since! They really dress up anything.  Even an old t-shirt looks cute with some sparkle around the neckline.  Here is some inspiration.


Lacquered walls

Thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes!!  I'm such a lucky girl to have such a wonderful husband, amazing daughter, such caring and special parents, such sweet and true friends, and such thoughtful readers.  I am blessed.  A year older and hopefully a little wiser :)

Something that has been making me happy for a while have been lacquered walls.  I know they have been in vogue for a while and many bloggers have blogged about them on and off throughout the last couple of years, but that doesn't mean I can't blog about them as well.  I know, been there done that....but I just really LOVE them and would consider them for my future home in a New York minute-  Oh the elegance, the glamour, the interest!  I feel like the big designers, like Miles Redd, and S.R.Gambrel, have been using lacquered walls plenty, but the mainstream, it seems to me, has not really adopted them as much as I would have thought, which is interesting but kind of nice (so if I ever do mine, my home won't be like everyone else's).  The preparation of the wall is very important and takes more work than just regular paint, so this may have something to do with it not being so widespread.  Personally, I think they are worth it for all the drama and interest that they add.  (If you want some tips I found this blog had some good ones)


A Birthday Present

I'm so excited because my husband is giving me a pair of Staffordshire dogs for my birthday.  The ones above actually!  Aren't they cute!?  WHat a perfect birthday present.  I have been lusting after them for a few years now.  I did give him the hint otherwise I'm not sure what he would have gotten me....you can never tell with him, so its always best to steer him in the right direction ;)


My Favorite Things | Nadia from Preciously Me

One of things I love about blogging is having the opportunity to meet wonderful people I would not have otherwise.  I can't remember how I came across Nadia's Preciously Me blog, but I instantly fell in love with it and her at the same time.  She has such a sweet voice- couple that with wonderful taste and you have yourself a great blogger.  She is my first international guest blogger, which is very exciting.  Nadia is Parisian, it doesn't get any chicer than that!  Oh and did I mention she loves shoes?? (and that she speaks perfect English, Spanish....and I'm sure Italian as well!)  
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